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    I just wanted to come on here an thank you Houston for the awesome time I had at the game. Everyone I met was great. I loved the feeling between rival fans - no hatred just good competition and some joking around. I was sitting next to a VY fan in the 4th and he was a great sport. I flew 4+ hours to see it and it was so worth it. Sorry if my english is a little off, just got off the plane and am wiped. I flew down Sat night and stayed until monday at 1pm. I gotta say that was one of the best experiences ever! Our hotel was right next to the stadium - look at the pics in the link below (from the parking garage next door to our hotel).

    Everyone I met asked me why did I come so far for a Texans game - my reply: GOTTA BE IN FRIENDLY TERRIORY ONCE AND A WHILE :D.

    My orginal seats were in section 635 on the 50 (pretty much the top of 635) and I gotta say even these seats were great. I remember all you guys saying be in your seats for kickoff and I sure was! I have some pics from the game in the link below- in the second pic its only a few minutes before kickoff and the alot of seats were empty.

    I gotta say I liked the Texans entrance. All you see if the black under the bulls head and the headlights of the ATV with Toro rocking them back and forth. Almost like a caged bull waiting to break through the gate. The game started great Ryans with the 1st TD of the game.

    We lost almost all bandwagon fans after the first half :rolleyes:. I couldn't believe it down by 2 TDs and everyone I saw was like "screw this i'm leaving". But it was a good thing for me. I moved down to section 350 (view - pics 4,5,6). After the muffed punt catch even more left, and a few fans were mad with me yelling FIRST DOWN on every texan first down - So I moved down with a great texans fan (guy holding the sign in pic 5). We went crazy the whole 4th quarter. I didn't sit down past 3 minutes left in the 3rd. It was so loud even when half full, when the texans were coming back. To bad it ended the way it did but my DAY WAS AWESOME

    I was only disappointed by a few things in the game - running it on 3rd and 22, daniels (i believe) not dragging his left foot at the sideline in the 4th quarter, and the muffed punt - i would have liked to a see a fair catch (why wasn't jacoby returning punts - did i miss something in the begining of the 3rd when I left to get a hot dog?).

    Overall the best trip ever! I'm trying to come back in Dec for our home game against the Jags or Broncos, if I can get the money together. If not i'll be back next year. I gotta get involved in tailgating next game. I didn't do too much of it as I didn't know anyone and wasn't sure who would be cool with it and who wouldn't want me hanging around thier tent.

    -- I may have forgotten something but i'm too tired to remember :)
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    Great pics, Chris!! Glad you had a great time. That's what it is all about.
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    Glad you made it. Next time let us know and come to our tailgate. It is always nice to meet fans from large distances.

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