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    We want to thank everyone for all their help and coming out to Bubba's to support The Gary J. Lynn Foundation. This was Dr. Mindy's first chili cook-off and she loved the idea of tater salad and margaritas. She said she never saw so many people have such a good time. She was very taken at how we raise funds in Texas and would love to come back for another event.
    We felt it was important to have Dr. Mindy explain what Gary's funds are used for after he raises the money.
    We are working on other events but if anyone has anything they would like us to do please contact Gary. We are open for new ideas where we can all get together and have a good time.
    The most important thing is for everyone to have a good time. We know there will always be a few kinks to work out after a first time event but we have to learn from our mistakes.
    If it wasn't for all of you this event would not have happened.
    A thank you to Eric Winston for coming out to Bubba's and sharing his time with us.
    By the way, I thought everyone placed first and everyone was a winner.
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