Texans vs Ravens replay Long post read at own risk.

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    Just watched Texans vs Ravens

    Kareem started actually did not play bad
    Brooks 1st game after mario out
    Arian slipping on 1st drive.
    **No Andre out.
    Don't let Leach decoy on passing route
    ***Antonio Smith play smart. Don't get your ego hurt or your ass kicked and then lose control. Two straight penalties on 97 yrd drive.
    Might have held on goal line except for Smith's penalties
    Matt did good on 3rd down

    2nd Texans drive 2nd quarter
    converted 2 3rd downs in a row
    All short passes so far.
    Arian not doing much on 1st down.
    Casey out also.

    2nd Ravens drive
    25 holding
    Blitz 56 almost safety Jamison sack
    Flacco rattled in endzone
    Kick deep in endzone

    3rd Texans drive Baltimore 46
    I think TJ does the rollout better than Matt as far as movement goes.
    44 good run handoff going downfield
    Walter caught 3rd down play short of sticks
    4th down go for it at 20. Foster stopped!!!!!!!!! Facemask not called.
    Ravens stacked up for run.

    3rd Ravens drive
    2 Rice runs 4 yrds
    Flacco fumbles on 15. Jamison 2 big plays so far.

    4th Texans drive
    Foster Tate 1st down
    Tate fumbles Texans recover in endzone.
    Wade Smith recovers. TD Texans lucky. Hold on to the damn ball.


    Flacco hit hard again. 7 times so far.
    Great pressure by D
    Rice catch after put in motion. 7 yrds
    Pass 1st down
    No long passes so far
    Bouldin catch 1st down
    Good pressure pass incomplete
    Rice out of backfield 15 yrd catch
    Torrey Smith beats 21Brice but out of endzone
    3rd and one Great pressure again blitz both edges incomplete pass

    1:40 LEFT
    Walter cacth 9 yrds
    Winston false start
    Matt sacked
    3rd 12 Arian dropped 2nd pass of day.
    Arian seems off so far.

    Pass tipped JJ intercepts. Texans lucky receiver wide open

    Texans take over
    Pass to 12
    False start 85
    Trying to get into position for FG

    7-10 at half
    Texans won turn over battle for half. One score on TO.
    Arian did not play a good first half. 2 dropped passes and a couple slips. Need to wear right shoes. Matt really good on 3rd down conversions. The Texans need to do a better job in early downs. I think one pass maybe 15 yards. Nothing downfield but no AJ. Texans D really pressured Flacco. Torrey Smith open deep but over thrown in endzone. Rice did good as receiver. False starts by O line I guess noise a problem.

    2nd half

    Ravens gets ball
    25 still in
    Rice big run on 1st down 1st big run of game 18 yrds
    Flacco in grasp completes pass to Rice for 1st down 10 yrds
    Bouldin 12 yrds on pass
    Rice nothing on run
    Rice run 6 yrds
    Rice goes out for breather and Incomplete pass
    4th down
    FG 7-13

    Texans 1st drive
    Foster pass in flat for 12 yrds
    Ben Tate 2 yrds
    Ben Tate 5 yrds Why is Foster out???
    Matt gets 1st down great play
    Bootleg play actionlong pass to 12 TD!!!!!

    14-13 Texans

    Matt playing really good game so far. Texans D also playing pretty solid

    This game was back when Texans could not finish.
    have the Texans grown out of this now????

    Ravens 2nd drive
    Flacco converts on 3rd and 8 pass to Smith 19 yrds
    Long pass to torrey Smith 25 in coverage poor safety help Manning 52 yrds
    Not sure whose responsibilty but wide open. Can the Texans cover Smith???
    I don't think so. No way 25 can cover Smith.

    Rice 6 yrd run.
    Quick pass 2 yrds
    3rd and 2 Rice is stopped
    Fg good.


    Matt sack on 1st down 2nd and 16
    Great pass and catch 18 yrds 1st down
    So far one of Jacoby's best game
    Matt still playing good/great

    Tate run , incomplete pass,
    3rd and 9
    incomplete to 12 poor play

    1:27 left in 3rd quarter

    1st down long to 81 complete 24 beat long 55 yrds
    Great pass by Flacco

    Nothing on 1st down lost 5 , 3rd quarter ends

    2nd and goal from 15
    3rd and 15
    Great pressure again 4th down
    FG good

    Big plays are setting up Ravens. Ravens not driving ball except on 1st drive but long pass plays setting them up for FG. D playing good except for long pass plays. Arian doing NOTHING.

    Foster 1st down
    Jacoby got holding so auto first down for Texans

    Tate 7 yrds
    Foster first down at Balt30

    Foster 1 Matt incomplete Matt hit HARD. Barwin needs to learn how to hit hard when he gets the QB.

    3rd down and 9
    Foster drops pass or Pollard strips
    Punt to endzone

    11 minutes left in game

    Rice 9yrd run
    Rice 12?
    Rice 2
    Ricky williams dropped screeen pass
    3rd and 8
    4th and 8

    14-19 Baltimore

    8:39 left

    14 yrd line
    pass to foster 6 yrds
    foster 1 yrd
    3rd and 3 Texans call TO
    Matt hit from behind ball knocked loose Texans recover

    Texans punt

    6:37 left

    flacco to 81 24 in coverage pass complete
    Pass to 82 1st down
    Interesting Ravens not sitting on ball but passing on 1st and 2nd down not waiting for 3rd down when you have to be perfect.

    Rice for 7 yrds run
    Rice for 26 run up middle
    1st and goal from 4
    Passing in early downs?? did it open up the run or is the D just running out of gas???
    Ricky Williams TD

    26-14 4:00 left Texans at 20 Short pass to Arian Walter incomplete 3rd and 4 Pass to Walter not even close. I think having Johnson will help everything.
    4th and 4 at 26 Texans go for it. Did jacoby catch and get 1st down challenged. 3:30 left Texans lose challenge Ravens takes over on 25.

    Gimme FG due to Texans going for it on 4th
    Game over.

    Matt played a pretty good to great game especially on 3rd down. Can Tj play as good on third down? i don't think so. So that means the Texans need to do better on 1st and 2nd down. I think that means take a chance and pass some on 1st down.
    Jacoby played best game of season He needs to do the same Sunday
    Andre did not play. he needs to play a good game Sunday
    Foster played maybe his worst game?? Arian needs to step up big. I think Andre playing will make a big difference in Fosters game.
    D line played pretty solid especially on getting pressure on Flacco.
    Flacco looked pretty solid to me. Took alot of hits but kept going.
    Texans won TO battle i think 2-0 but still lost. 1 at end of half.
    Ravens went long whenever they wanted it seemed. Can Texans stop Bouldin and Smith??? Especially on long ball. Can Texans contain Rice on run and as a receiver??? Can Texans Andre( did not play) and Foster(did not have good game) make up for the Texans having TJ instead on Matt. Matt really had a solid game.

    I know long as hell post and a lot of rambling and stream of thought .
    Can't wait until Sunday. Going to be good game.

    Again sorry for those who decided to read.
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    I know you guys make an issue of the fact that A.J. was out this game (which is true). But remember- Ben Grubbs, the Ravens LG, was also out. And Flacco's protection, and Rice's holes, dry up when Grubbs is out.

    I expect much better protection for Joe this Sunday than in the first match-up. No matter. He gets a lot of grief from the media and fans, but in his first four years he hasn't missed a snap. Which ain't bad when you go up against the Steelers defense twice (maybe three times) a season.
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    Ya when AJ is in the game you can`t cheat that SS down in the box on us..we had just lost Mario,,2 guys were in the wrong spots (REED,&BARWIN)..plus some shady calls(maybe maybe not)..i`m not saying were going to win,,but don`t book your flight to New England yet!!!!!Plus it was Vickers FB first game after Casy got hurt forster had just come back after his Hamstring thing...hehehehehehe

    were playing on house money,,(were all in) know body expected us to be here any way,,they have picking against us since the MATT`S went downand Yates came in..thats my take:bat:
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    Book a flight to NE? What...like it's guar-an-teed that Tebow is going to lose? :bat:

    Hopefully both the Texans and the Ravens play as close to full strength as possible (with the exception of Schaub, of course).
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    talk about you o-line all you want but we had problems stopping the run at the beginning of the season. Our defense was new and Mario had just went down. In that matchup,the Texans have improved more than the ravens.
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    Sorry again guys about longass post. it was late and maybe I should not have hit Submit button.

    One thing I failed to mention was how many times Leach's name was mentioned. Was he a big upgrade over who was there last year? I know we could not keep him, salary cap problem. I don't think we had a huge drop off with Vickers and Casey, but.......

    Torrey Smith was a huge acquisition to the team last year and was taken as the 58th pick in last year's draft. Smith is exactly what the Texans need. Sure wish we had him or someone like him this year. Boldin was picked up the year before in FA. The Texans seem to be one year behind the Ravens. Next year I see us trying to upgrade at WR.

    I know say we get better next year at WR. First not a given. The Ravens did a great job in drafting Smith. Second and maybe more important next year we catch up in WR "if" we make the right move but as we are getting better at WR the Ravens or all the other teams in the NFL are getting better also if they make the right moves.

    Really going to be sick of "salary cap" issue we will hear next year unless we ...... I won't say it here.

    OK obviously did not get enough sleep. Sorry going to hit submit and go to my favorite post and subject and what I think has and will effect the Texans future the most.
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    Over here.
    Texans are getting the bird. :)
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    Last year we had Le'Ron McClain at FB. He was the best FB in the draft in 2007 out of Alabama. What's strange is he was our leading rusher in 2008 (about 900 yards). As much as I liked McClain, Leach is definitely an upgrade.

    We're going to need a Saftey next year and definitely some CB help. My biggest complaint as always been our CB's. With the exception of Webb and J.Smith (rookie) I don't have much confidence in our CB's. Cary Williams can definitely be beat, even though he's bigger than Webb, he's no where near the cover corner that Webb is. If the Texans don't go after Williams, then they didn't pay much attention to the game films.
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    I liked Le'Ron, but he wanted to carry the ball. Leach simply wants to pound the defense into the dirt for the RB. And no matter how good McClain was...he is no Ray Rice.

    I am sure Webb will be on A.J. all day.
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    I'm sure Webb will be on AJ as well, but we don't adjust our corners very much. If AJ lines up on the opposite side, Webb won't be there. Unless Pagano changes up the D for this game. Either way with Reed over the top, we should be able to cover him.

    I'm so hyped for this game. I can't wait. I'll be lucky to sleep tonight! LOL

    In the meantime - Go 49ers.

    I'd love to see a brother vs brother Superbowl!

  11. Daravenator

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    I'd rather see another rematch from 2000 (no offense to you Texans fans!). Ravens vs Giants would be good, as would the Pack. But I think Brees is going to be in the SB once again this year.
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    Get a room..... this bird-on-bird spit-swapping is sickening.

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    I can't stand the Ravens.. please beat them Texans. :barman:
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    Houston, Texas
    Is it too much to hope for a Texans Defensive TD in this game (pick 6, fumble)?
  15. thunderkyss

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    We're going to need it.

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