Texans Tickets - VIP Verizon wireless club & sec 635 Sideline

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    Selling 2 Tickets for sale, separate seating.

    1 Ticket in Section 635 Gridiron Sideline (50YD Line), Row M, Seat 19. Asking for $100

    1 Ticket in the VIP Verizon Wireless Club Level, section 337 (50YD line), Row H, Seat 16. Asking $385. If you never been in this section, it's the best place to watch the game unless you're sitting field level 50yd line. You get access to better extras like concessions, drinks, roomier cushion seating, lounge, service at your seat, ect. Plus lots of cooperate types in this area so you see nice figured ladies around lol. Check the link for more info: http://www.houstontexans.com/tickets/club-suites.html

    You can buy them separately or if you want them both, you can have them for $480.

    E-tickets so I can just email them to you
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