Texans Stats Breakdown Week 8 and 9

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    Hey folks,
    After a little hiatus I dusted off my script and plugged it into the week 8 and 9 games. I lost the code that makes the output so I had to rewrite it. Anyway here is the breakdown for weeks 8 (Colts) and 9 (Chargers). I will work on the defense side and add special teams and drive statistics. In addition, mid week I should have all of the 2010 season in the database and I will generate cumulative stats:

    Here are some interesting stats to think about:
    Week 8 the run / pass ratio was 18 / 38
    Arian Foster only averaged 3 ypc in the 3rd quarter against the Colts (although on only 4 carries)
    Foster was averaging 11 ypc on the L side of the line

    Week 9 the run / pass ratio was 34 / 35 (including plays overturned by penalty)
    Schaub was < 50% to either side of the field, but 12/16 down the middle
    Foster was by far our best player. He accounted for 48% of our offensive production.

    As always if you have any suggestions of what you want to see, lemme know and I will add it.

    Texans Stats Week #8

    Texans Stats Week #9
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