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    Nobody has yet posted the Houston Texans 08 NFL Draft selection order, so here you go to the best of my (limited) knowledge -

    1st rd. #18 no big surprise here

    2nd rd. #48 no wait, that was traded to Atlanta for the rights to Schaub

    3rd rd. #79 four teams tied with identical records then placed in order based on strength of schedule. after the 1st rd. they rotate from lowest to highest, meaning that in the 3rd rd. the Texans select 1st of the 8-8 teams :)

    4th rd. #114 back to the bottom of the order

    5th rd. #143

    6th rd. #174

    7th rd. #205

    #18, #48, #79, #114, #143, #174, #205. In case someone wants to know :mail:
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    Actually, the picks in the later rounds will probably change based on compensatory picks that get awarded. These get placed at the ends of rounds 3 through 7, so the picks in rounds 4-7 are likely to be a bit later than that. I'm not sure when they announce compensatory picks...

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