Texans scouting activity, and speculation on DT's, CB's, and kickers

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    Here are some reports of Texans scouting activity passed along by Alan Burge:

    - Texans scouts attended Wisconsin's Pro Day on Wednesday March 10 and, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, stayed late to watch the workout of kicker Jeff Schebler from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.

    - Chris Steuber (@chrissteuber on Twitter) of Scout.com reported that Texans representatives attended Pro Days at Auburn, Oklahoma, Boston College and Purdue this week.

    Be sure to read the whole article, since there's much more good info there than what I've copied and pasted.

    Burge speculates that the scouts are looking at DT Mike Neal (3rd round rating, 3 technique like Okoye), CB's Dominique Franks (2nd round rating), David Pender (late round rating), and Walt McFadden (late rounds), C/G Matt Tennant (2nd round rating), and RB Ben Tate (?).

    What can we extrapolate from this? Here are my guesses:

    - With DT's, CB's, and OL's targeted outside the 1st round, I think the odds are good that our preferred choice for the 1st round is Ryan Matthews. Zierlein thinks so too.

    - If we're looking at a 3-technique DT, Okoye may be competing for his starting role.

    - We'll probably be spending a late round pick on a kicker, rather than taking one as an UDFA.

    But nothing here reveals what our prospects are for NT yet. That's what I'm left wondering, since it's such a huge need. What do you guys think?
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    Good. I hope they attend UT's, and Georgia's pro days, as well.
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    The kicker they are scouting should not cost a pick, so thats good.

    I like Franks alot, I think he could develop into a solid No. 1 corner.

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