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Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by cadahnic, Mar 14, 2005.

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    1. OLB,ILB,DE,OL,CB or trade down to get the next tier of Wideouts. I am the poster of T's Defense is a joke (to garner contemplation), but I feel like our defense is mid-tier in the league. We definately need an inside or outside backer badly, but since DJ will likely be gone or we wont trade up unless he drops past eight we should look into getting IMO the second best corner in the draft in Carlos Rogers. Glen will have to restructure his contract or be cut next year so we should get a replacement. A lot of posters like Alex Barron, but at 13 with his skill level is to high to make the pick expecially when adept players can be garnered with later picks. If we do decide to trade back into the first we should look into Adam Terry or BAas, Terry is the better OL overall, but Baas has a nasty meanstreak which is something the Texans need.
    2.BPA- yeah no one likes this statement but it is true we need to get the best player available for our system, hopefully Daryl Blackstock will fall to us, but unlikely. There is a lot of depth in this draft for wideouts and runningbacks so if we do not get one in the first we could find a nice player in the second or third. Hopefully one of the kids from georgia or Jerome Mathis the speedster. Our main concern in the second round should be to get OL help though.
    3. We have two picks thanks to CC's brilliance in drafting sorry *** Drew Henson and Dallas being stupid, man I HATE DALLAS!!. Anyway we need to look for more D help in this round, due to history a lot of good Defensive players are taken in the third round. This is also a prime round to get an OL or Wideout that has fallen due to some type of speculation. We have two picks and this should be our best round or used for leverage to jump back into the second round or packaged to move up into the first. I think we should use these picks either to move up to go after DJ or keep them to add much needed youth and depth
    4. You all might not agree here but we should definately go RB in this round. Texans have a talent at grabbing quality in the fourth round so I am not worried at all about this pick. A larger back would be preferable and would be a welcome thunder and lightning change with DD
    5-7 we have to go BPA. look for us to add OL and help accross the board. Hopefully we find a Safety in the fifth round but in the sixth and seventh we should definately take BPA. In the seventh we should reach and try to get the best available Project Player available
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    I'd say that linebacker would be more of a second round pick, although if Merriman is on the board when we pick. He will most likely be taken.
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    i agree with the safety thing, because if we get one then marcus coleman can return to corner. that alone would step our pass defence up a notch. we all so should find a power-house of a nose tackle to stop the run. i havent heard much about many stand out DT but if we could find a sleeper it would be a pleasant surprise. if any one knows of one please post.
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    I dunno.. our secondary was really clicking at the end of the season... id be inclined to leave em as they are until they show that a change is needed. Though I wouldnt be against grabbing a FS if it was BPA. Coleman isnt getting any younger and he is probably the best choice for a replacement of Glenn if he needs to be benched or decides to retire.

    I think OLB is the best choice in round 1.. there are a few guys that are truely elite tweener prospects that will be gone by round 2 if we dont grab one.. and we could use one. Unless Derrick Armstrong is available of course.

    1. David Pollack
    2. Luis Castillo
    3. Antonio Perkins
    3b. Jason Brown
    4. Boomer Grigsby

    That is what I would like to see personally. you have a great OLB prospect that will anchor the ROLB spot.. a quality 3-4 Dlineman prospect that could play DE or DT.. depending on where we need him most. This is a good year to get him cause we dont know how much longer Payne and Walker will last.. and this may be our only opportunity to let him sit on the bench and learn the ropes a bit. Antonio Perkins will be a solid Nickle or Dime CB.. but more importantly he could be an awesome kick returner to replace Moses. Jason Brown is a great interior lineman that we could use at Guard or Center. and Boomer is a sleeper prospect that could end up taking the ILB spot from Wong if he pans out.

    this would basicly fix us up at every position except TE.. and possibly a CB(to replace Glenn) and LT(if wand doesnt improve).
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    I follow the BPA system - but if there are different positions to choose from:

    1st: If there is a stud, even at a position you don't really need, you go for them (except for QB) - like Benson or Williams are RBs that we don't need but could not pass on - but that probably won't happen this time. Once you get past them, and assuming the rest of top 11 are gone (by top 11, I mean Brown/ CWilliams /Benson /Edwards /MWilliams/DJ /Rolle/Jones /Merriman/the 2 qbs).
    If there was a way to move up a few spots (that didn't cost too much) to get DJ or a Merriman - you gotta go for them - due to our needs. Edwards and WIlliams would also fill a huge hole.

    I would try to deal our #13 and a 3rd for #9 - that way we get one of DJ/Merriman/Edwards/Williams. [this works under the NFL Draft Pick Value Chart as fair value]
    If I couldn't get one of the top 11, I would trade down: #13 to Philly for 31 and 35 - [again this works under the NFL Draft Pick Value Chart as fair value]

    2nd - WR, if no WR in the 1st. Otherwise, CB. The CB position is deep so we should be able to get one that will be the starter in 2 years(if we are sure a good one is there in the third then take LB/DL).

    3rd - CB and WR, if not taken earlier. Otherwise, defense, defense, defense.
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    this is more realistic
    1st WR/OL
    2nd opposite of first
    3rd DL/LB CB/S
    4th TE
    5th DL/LB
    6th CB/S
    7th WR

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