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    1st Quarter

    Houston Texans at 15:00, (1st play from scrimmage 14:52)
    1-10-HST 31 (14:52) M.Schaub scrambles left end to HST 33 for 2 yards (P.Willis).
    D.Brown and Slaton both allowed penetration on our left side.
    In-time decision by Schaub.

    2-8-HST 33 (14:15) M.Schaub pass short left to S.Slaton pushed ob at HST 36 for 3 yards (D.Goldson).
    Schaub's pass was behind in the left flat;
    Slaton had to take a couple of steps backward; it could have been a 3-yd loss,
    but Slaton made the RCB miss and earned 3 yds the hard way.

    3-5-HST 36 (13:33) (Shotgun) M.Schaub scrambles up the middle to HST 40 for 4 yards (M.Hudson,J.Smith).
    White was overwhelmed by #91 MCDonald; D.Brown got beat by #98 Haralson to the inside.
    There was a crease between Brown and Slaton on the left side blocking the ROLB.
    Too bad, Schaub is not as fast as Slaton, and so he fell short of the first down :)
    Schaub did fine, but had he been a little more decisive, he could have had that first down.
    (And this is one facet of the game - among others - that separates a second tier QB from a top tier QB;
    IMO, Schaub is walking that thin line.)



    Houston Texans at 11:06
    1-10-HST 43 (11:06) M.Schaub pass short right to O.Daniels to SF 48 for 9 yards (M.Roman).
    With plenty of time, Schaub could have gone with Dreesen up the middle way past the first down marker.The Niners had brought both ILBs up on a delay blitz; ie. the middle was wide wide west.
    And that was Schaub's first read, but he likes O.D. better!
    So does he really use all of his receivers correctly?
    Not in this instance.
    9 yds ain't bad, of course!
    But a top tier QB has to know the automatic;
    which is... they blitz up the middle, look there for your open receiver who runs that route.

    2-1-SF 48 (10:29) S.Slaton up the middle to SF 48 for no gain (S.Spencer, M.Lawson).
    Myers and White had cleared the left side, but Winston and OD allowed their men to clamp up the middle.Leach had no place to run, and neither did Slaton.
    I understand that it was designed to be an off-guard run;
    but why can't Leach lead with his block to the outisde;
    there was no defender there; it would have been an easy TD.
    Is the play call (on this particular play) so rigid that it has to be an off-guard run?

    3-1-SF 48 (9:50) S.Slaton right end to SF 42 for 6 yards (J.Smith, P.Willis).
    White was pushed into the running lane (he wasn't bad, just that the blocking angle was bad for him);
    but Winston, Myers, and OD had done such a good job at the POA they allowed Leach and Slaton to spring free.

    1-10-SF 42 (9:08) S.Slaton left end to SF 47 for -5 yards (J.Smith, T.Spikes).
    Myers was pushed into the running lane on the other side;
    but he was in similar position as White was on the previous play;
    he should be of no consequence to the play (still lacking, but not badly).
    The Texans pulled both D.Brown and Studdard to the outside on the toss sweep.
    Nobody picked up Justin Smith. If they expected Dreessen to do this, he had a bad angle as well.
    Maybe Dreessen tried to block in too early.
    More likely, Studdard should have helped Dreessen with a chip block before pulling out of camp!
    OD failed his assignment on the next level.
    If the trio Dreessen/Studdard/OD can do a better job, it was most likely a long gainer instead of a 5-yd loss.
    It also has a chance to go yard.

    2-15-SF 47 (8:19) M.Schaub pass incomplete short left to A.Johnson [D.Evans].
    The Niners came with a five-man zone dog.
    Studdard was late picking it up. D.Brown was also beaten to the inside.
    Slaton did all he could to help Schaub avoid a hit by sending his body flying in front of all the blitzers.
    Schaub basically threw the ball away just as he should.
    Perhaps the Texans had an option of a screen pass to Slaton???

    3-15-SF 47 (8:13) (Shotgun) M.Schaub pass incomplete short left [P.Haralson].
    With time, Schaub should have stepped up in the pocket sooner where he had 5 blocking 3.
    Schaub might still have to throw the ball away as White eventually let a defender inside;
    but he would have the opportunity to dump a pass to Slaton in the middle.
    He may not make the first down, but it's better than nothing.
    More importantly, it's the quick snap-of-the-moment decision that is lacking here.


    Houston Texans at 6:38
    1-10-HST 39 (6:38) M.Schaub pass deep middle to O.Daniels to SF 30 for 31 yards (P.Willis, D.Goldson). P2
    Studdard got beat badly, but Schaub did a great job getting the ball out to OD.
    Patrick Willis eats dirt!

    1-10-SF 30 (5:57) M.Schaub pass short middle to K.Walter to SF 21 for 9 yards (P.Willis).
    Plenty of time.

    2-1-SF 21 (5:20) S.Slaton left end to SF 25 for -4 yards (T.Spikes, D.Evans).
    Air Caldwell missed the cut block on the backside (no cut back lane).
    OD allowed early penetration by the ROLB;
    this forced Leach to take him on instead of getting out to block the RILB Spikes
    on the second level.

    3-5-SF 25 (4:37) (Shotgun) M.Schaub pass short middle to O.Daniels to SF 13 for 12 yards (M.Hudson). P3
    Plenty of time.
    1-10-SF 13 (3:57) M.Schaub pass incomplete short right to O.Daniels (P.Willis).
    Quick pass.
    OD bobbled and dropped the ball. Could have been a 5-6 yd gain.
    Not Schaub's fault! :)

    2-10-SF 13 (3:51) (Shotgun) S.Slaton up the middle to SF 12 for 1 yard (P.Willis, J.Smith). (Direct snap to #20
    Faked play action draw to Slaton.
    OD could do a better job on the right edge, he was pushed back behind the LOS and into the running lane.
    Poor vision led to indecisiveness by Slaton
    , who could have cut to the left (inside LT) or to the right (outside right end).

    3-9-SF 12 (3:13) (Shotgun) M.Schaub pass short right to S.Slaton to SF 1 for 11 yards (A.Brooks). P4
    Quick swing pass to the left flat.
    Great blockings by Myers, Studdard and D.Brown.

    Caldwell needs to be quicker to seal off the back end.
    It would have been a TD with Brisiel (honest!)

    1-1-SF 1 (2:32) S.Slaton right end for 1 yard, TOUCHDOWN.
    Great cut block by Myers to seal off the back side pursuit.
    Great blocks by Dreessen and OD on the right side, at the POA.
    Winston and Caldwell pulled outside the TEs.
    Great block by Winston; great lead block by Leach.
    As of the norm, Air Caldwell hit air, but it was inconsequential.
    Actually, Caldwell was shoved to the ground by a defensive player.

    TEXANS led 7-0
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    Again, bro. This is Nitpicking 101. I accept Schaub ain't no Mike Vick. Also,
    Peyton Manning doesn't get a first down on that play. You'd even admit,
    that Schaub is ELITE when he's given a consistent pocket. If he's NOT a
    top ten QB, out side of Manning, Brady, or Brees, who are the other SEVEN
    ahead of him based on what we've seen THIS SEASON?

    On the other thread, I've offered instances in which Peyton Freakin Manning
    dives into the dirt when pass rushers come free. Yet, HE isn't getting
    downgraded in status for making the RIGHT DECISION.

    So, who are the other seven guys better than Schaub this season? I'll give
    you Manning, Brees, and Brady. That leaves seven.
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    I'd say Big Ben is up there, maybe on the same level with Schaub currently. Ben has a double edged sword, as per sometimes he scrambles and makes a play, and sometimes he should've just gone down. Careful what you wish for IMHO.

    Joe Flacco has played some good ball, and if Palmer continue playing like he did last week...

    All in all, even though Schaub looks geeky, hes my QB through and through. :chickendance:
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    My point is you can not, with a straight face, name seven other quarterbacks
    behind Brees, Manning, and Brady ahead of Schaub. Like it or not, he's OUR
    Yardage and Touchdown leading, top-ten NFL quarterback.
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    Oh no doubt, hes def. top ten in my book, and flirting with top five. We've always said, let him get one season. This is the season.

    I remember last two years every pass I'd cringe thinking interception, this year not so much. I can see the growth game by game.:texflag:
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    2nd QUARTER

    Houston Texans at 15:00
    1-10-HST 22 (15:00) PENALTY on HST-D.Brown, False Start, 5 yards, enforced at HST 22 - No Play.
    1-15-HST 17 (15:00) M.Schaub pass short left to O.Daniels pushed ob at HST 23 for 6 yards (D.Goldson).
    With plenty of time, Schaub decided to go with OD on a quick pass.
    Anderson seemed to be wide open in the middle beyond the first down marker.
    The lone safety had tough a tough decision to make as to whom he will help on: AJ, Walter, or Anderson.

    2-9-HST 23 (14:35) M.Schaub pass incomplete deep left to S.Slaton (S.Spencer) [J.Smith].
    Studdard was beaten by his man to the outside, the defender almost got to Schaub but didn't.
    (But schaub had plenty of room in the pocket to step up and into his throw, but did not.
    That could have been a TD as there was nothing but green back there.)
    As it was, Schaub throw was behind and short on Slaton.
    It was about 2-1/2 sec. on the throw.
    That long wind-up almost resulted in a pass batted down by the opponent
    (with the possibility of a fumble had Studdard been beaten a hair sooner.)

    3-9-HST 23 (14:27) (Shotgun) M.Schaub pass incomplete short right to D.Anderson.
    PENALTY on SF-N.Clements, Illegal Contact, 5 yards, enforced at HST 23 - No Play.
    Here, Schaub did right by stepping up into the pocket.

    1-10-HST 28 (14:21) C.Brown right tackle to HST 26 for -2 yards (J.Smith).
    Winston and Dreessen were weak on the right side, especially Winston.
    Chris.Brown should have gone ahead to the outside instead of trying to run behind Winston.

    2-12-HST 26 (13:41) M.Schaub pass incomplete deep middle to J.Dreessen.
    The Niners came with a 5-man zone dog up the middle.
    Myers picked up the first blitzing ILB, giving him a hit to turn him over
    for either Caldwell or Chris Brown then head on to the other ILB (missed, but inconsequential).
    But Chris Brown was late and then got caught behind Studdard.
    Caldwell failed to read the blitz and did not slide over to pick up the blitzer.
    Luckily, Schaub was only going for a 12-14 yarder up the middle so his wind-up wasn't long.
    He might have shorten and quicken up his motion as he saw the pressure in his face.
    The LB did have a hand on the ball (2 sec+)
    It was poor blocking and this may sounds harsh...
    but a QB seeing pressure in his face and having 2 secs to decide...
    once he threw the ball, it's on HIM!
    That ball sailed high, but fortunately, the lone safety was playing too deep to intercept the ball.
    Schaub had the choice of stepping to the outside and away from pressure,
    then he can decide on whether to go with Dreessen or OD, to run to daylight... or to throw the ball away if needed to.
    But Schaub made a poor decision there.
    Poor blocking does not need to mean poor decision by the QB who can see the action right in front of him.

    3-12-HST 26 (13:36) (Shotgun) M.Schaub pass deep middle to A.Johnson to HST 44 for 18 yards (M.Roman). P7
    Good protection, plenty of time.

    1-10-HST 44 (12:53) S.Slaton left guard to HST 44 for no gain (P.Haralson).
    Dreessen simply missed the OLB who flew right into the running lane.

    2-10-HST 44 (12:14) M.Schaub pass incomplete deep middle to A.Davis (N.Clements) [D.Evans].
    With more than 3 secs, Schaub elected to go long.
    The pass was innacurate to say the least, over AD's head by a mile and almost intercepted by the defender.
    Walter was wide open close to the sideline, in the same direction, on the underneath route, around the 35 yd line for a first down,
    and quite likely a TD.

    3-10-HST 44 (12:06) (Shotgun) M.Schaub pass short left to D.Anderson to HST 46 for 2 yards (D.Goldson) [M.Lawson].
    Slow snap. Not much Schaub can do here.

    Niners' punt returner fumbled the ball.
    AD recovered. Hey, it's just like a long completion to AD anyway! :)))


    Houston Texans at 11:24
    1-10-SF 10 (11:24) S.Slaton up the middle to SF 9 for 1 yard (S.McKillop).
    Neither White nor Studdard can get to their man on the second level.
    Slaton could also go wide right instead.

    2-9-SF 9 (10:48) (Shotgun) M.Schaub pass short right to S.Slaton for 9 yards, TOUCHDOWN.
    Schaub just threw another TD pass to a receiver 3-4 yd behind the LOS.
    Great pass!

    Texans led 14-0


    Houston Texans at 6:46
    1-10-HST 22 (6:46) M.Schaub pass short middle to K.Walter to HST 36 for 14 yards (M.Roman). P9
    Only a year worth of protection.

    1-10-HST 36 (6:10) PENALTY on SF, Defensive Delay of Game, 5 yards, enforced at HST 36 - No Play.

    1-5-HST 41 (5:54) S.Slaton left end to HST 45 for 4 yards (P.Willis, D.Goldson).
    Good blockings on the right side.
    Best one is by Myers driving his man beyond the first down marker.

    2-1-HST 45 (5:08) C.Brown up the middle to SF 42 for 13 yards (N.Clements). R10
    Huge hole created by Myers, Studdard, and OD (D.Brown was lacking).
    White also had a great block on the second level.

    1-10-SF 42 (4:28) M.Schaub pass deep middle to O.Daniels for 42 yards, TOUCHDOWN.
    Play action fake roll out to the right.
    Great fake by Chris Brown and the entire O-line.
    The niners bought it hard (9 of them in the box.)
    Good job by Schaub hiding the ball.
    Plenty of time.
    OD was wide open.

    Texans led 21-0


    Houston Texans at 1:29
    1-10-HST 38 (1:29) S.Slaton left guard to HST 38 for no gain (M.Lawson).
    Draw play that fooled nobody.
    Slaton should have gone the other way.
    He ran right into the teeth of the D.

    2-10-HST 38 (:55) M.Schaub sacked at HST 29 for -9 yards (M.Lawson).
    Schaub had OD on the right and the whole field to step up to with the option to run, but he was undecided and took the sack. He sacked himself there.

    3-19-HST 29 (:10) S.Slaton right guard to HST 36 for 7 yards (J.Smith).
    Let's get off the field

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    I don't have to, because I've been saying that I am considering Schaub for the top ten.
    That means he may be 8,9,10,11,12, or 13 somewhere in that area!

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