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    As a rookie last season, Morency showed flashes of excellence, carrying the ball 46 times for 184 yards and two touchdowns. Because Domanick Davis is still out with a sore knee and no one knows when he'll return, Kubiak and offensive coordinator Troy Calhoun are auditioning candidates to replace him.

    The coaches plan to give two backs a lot of carries in the regular season unless one emerges as the clear-cut winner in the competition to excel in the system Kubiak and Calhoun brought from Denver.

    "I envision us playing more than one guy," Kubiak said. "We'll play two for sure. We might play three. We'll definitely have a system where we'll rotate so we're not wearing out one guy."

    To be one of those backs, a runner has to block, especially on blitz pickup. If the back can't help protect quarterback David Carr, then he won't be on the field.

    OTHER BATTLE FRONTS: Wali Lundy is competing for the starting or backup job at running back, along with Antowain Smith, Vernand Morency and Chris Taylor. All are in the mix if Domanick Davis cannot return from his knee injury.

    --Charles Spencer and Seth Wand continue competing for the starting job at left tackle.

    --DT Travis Johnson is trying to earn a starting job. If he can, Anthony Weaver will start at left end.

    ROOKIE REPORT: Mario Williams is moving to the opposite side. He had spent the first two weeks of training camp on the strong side, but now is moving to the weak side in order to allow Anthony Weaver to play on the strong side.

    --DeMeco Ryans is competing for the middle linebacker starting job.

    --Charles Spencer is competing at left tackle for the starting job with Seth Wand. Spencer is one of the coach's favorite players during training camp. He is getting a lot of opportunities with the first team. Eric Winston is trying to earn the backup job at right tackle.

    --Wali Lundy had the best outing in the Texan's preseason game No. 1.

    --Owen Daniels has emerged as one of the Texans' strongest candidates for a job. He's shown great hands, great athleticism.
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