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Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by Texans_Chick, Apr 8, 2006.

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    Link: "Final Exam"

    Some thoughts:

    1. Very interesting to see how hands on Kube is on for this. For me at least, I have a hard time picturing Capers doing this.

    2. Rank speculation alert: A lot of people have been saying that the new coaching staff is betting their careers that Carr can be the man. You know, the potential is there, but you are not quite sure if the Oline is as bad as it was or if Carr just made it look worse.

    Anyhow, Kubiak has now worked with both Carr and VY. Hands on. Coaching them. Seeing what they can do. Watched tape on both of them. I am thinking that maybe part of this process is just making sure in his gut that he is picking the right guy to lead the team. I mean, as long as you have an opportunity to work out both, why not do it, especially if the long term success on your team is based on the coachability and ability of your QB.

    VY has been described as a quality athlete who already has ability but has the potential for a ginormous upside. People's opinions are all over the place. (Kind of like the opinions of Carr, BTW) VY is exactly the sort of guy you want to be able to judge for yourself, to put through your own workout.

    And if VY ends up with the Titanhicks, maybe Kubiak gets a sense of what VY is good at and maybe not as good at.

    It is funny reading about Kubiak starting at Denver--getting drafted, being excited, and then finding out that they drafted ELWAY. And then getting into camp, seeing him play and wondering if would ever have a chance to stay in the NFL. I think Kubiak has an appreciation of great QB play and just wants to make sure that he is attaching his career to the right horse.

    That when opinions of Carr and VY are all over the place, at some point, you want to judge with your own eyes. And see how both interact with you. Personally, I wouldn't feel comfortable risking my career on the "conventional wisdom" without testing stuff out myself for something this important.

    (BTW, I am not writing this post as fodder for ugly VY posts or ugly RB posts--it is just what I am thinking is happening, but I don't know any better than anybody else. Though I will add, it probably will keep RB's people a little more honest in negotiations too).
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    I think that makes sense. It was the smart thing to do. Why not test the guy that may be the starting QB for a division rival.

    I've been all over the chart for our pick from VY maniac to trade down, but I think RB is a Super Blue Chip and safer pick than VY. Kubes/Calhoun can use RB in multiple formations that will create mismatches and headaches for our opponents. Unless we get a super trade package, I can't see us trading down or taking anyone #1 other than Bush. My 2 cents.

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    Go ahead and change your moniker to "TEXANS WOMAN" for the "TEXANS CHICK" just no longer seems to fit......

    I am an ALL TRUE TEXAN! .....for I stand FIRM behind all of my convictions upon life.........and believe me, that this just does not have to be filled with profound drama.........JUST PROFOUND SENSIBILITIES.......

    I sense that you harbor the cerebral mindset......for you know how to read between the lines in certain circumstances.......did you ever wonder why I stand so firmly behind the VY? For I am not the consumate "homer"........... for I just do not believe in this sort of trendy manner of describing individuals......BUT AS THE CONSUMATE SPORTS ENTHUSIAST.....I for one firmly believe that I indeed deserve the right to pronounce my claim upon excellent talent.........I CLAIM VINCE!

    Somehow, I am starting to garner a bit of respect for our new head coach Mr. Kubiak. I appreciate his calculating moves thus far........for as you have so elequently pointed out within your prior post......."this man is making some moves that we just did not expect from Coach Capers"........for I firmly believe that he sees something inside of the VY, that he just knows deep within his heart that he cannot let go........especially since he is, and has always been the consumate quarterback at heart.

    Many of my post seem to be entertaining to many that patronize this great website........BUT MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT......I am the CONSUMATE PROFESSIONAL as well as SPORTS ENTHUSIAST........I have spent lot's of money upon many a losing seasons.........MY APPROACH MAY BE ENTERTAINING.......BUT MY HEART IS INDEED SINCERE.......

    .....come and join the DOWNTOWN TEXANS CLUB.......for you seem to be our kind of member........
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    West Houston
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    I really appreciate your posts on here Texans_Chick. They are always very level headed and insightful. This one brings out a lot of excellent points. Just wanted to say thanks.:)
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    I don't think Kubiak would work out Young in a disingenuous manner. Like you suggested, Young was brought in so that the Texans would have the information to make the best decision.

    "Final Exam"? Someone at houstontexans.com has an interesting sense of humor.

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