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    Hi folks,
    I'm a big Texans fan. I've got complete, uncut masters of all of their games on both VHS and DVD. Everything from the '02 HOF game against the Giants through the '07 preseason.

    I'm also still a big Oilers fan and I've got a lot of their games on VHS and DVD from '62 to '98 (the '72 MNF game against the Raiders, a '77 shutout of the Bears, a handful from '78 and '79 including Earl's great game against the Cowboys on Thanksgiving '79, all 17 games from the '80 season including the wild card game at Oakland (Bum's last as coach), a handful from the 80's and pretty much every game from '87-'93).

    But I'm still trying to find some of the difficult games so I can fill in the holes in my collection. If anyone out there has any old dusty Oilers games on tape just sitting around on your shelf, particularly certain ones I'm looking for from 1978-1998, I'd be glad to e-mail you my sports lists and work out a trade of some kind.

    Feel free to e-mail me or PM me anytime. Appreciate it! Kent Spacek

    P.S. Prediction: Texans 27 Chiefs 13

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