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Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by HardKnockTexan, Jan 9, 2006.

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    I was doing a little research on the draft a few days ago and started seeing a very interesting trend with the players that we aquired from other teams. Most seem to be first day picks, many in the first round, that just didnt pan out for the team that drafted them. Marc Bruener, Phillip Buchanon, Victory Riley and Tony Bosselli were all drafted in round 1. The only one worth anything to our team is Marc Bruener but looking back on his carreer I doubt any team would of taken him in the first round.

    A few 2nd round picks that we aquired are Zach Wiegert, Jamie Sharper, Kiley Wong and Todd Wade. Wiegert is one of our better linemen but he's highly overpaid and being the best on the teams worst possition isnt saying much. The same could be said for Todd Wade. Kiley Wong had his best season 2 years ago and got hurt early in the season last year. He's productive, probablly the only 1st day pick aquired by the Texans that's worth a damn. Jamie Sharper was a fan favorite here for sure. He did a very solid job for us and then we shiped him off right when we needed him most.

    The third round of the draft brought us none other than the infamous Matt Stevens. He was picked right before T.O. I couldnt believe this when I saw it. People were really high on Stevens when he came out of college. He might be the worst player I've ever seen play in the NFL.

    The 4th round seems to be where our most servicable players were selected. Seth Payne is the standout of the group but others such as Steve McKinney, Fred Weary, Todd Washington and Junior Ioane were all selected in the 4th in their perspective drafts.

    The 5th round brought us one of our few probowlers, Gary Walker. He is probablly our best defensive player. Thank God he outplayed his contract in Jacksonville. Cory Bradford was also taken by Green Bay in the 5th. Marcus Coleman was picked up in the 5th round aswell.

    It just seems funny to me that our most productive freeagent/expansion draft aquisitions are late round picks. All of the high picks were let go from the team that drafted them for a reason, and us fans in Houston quickly found out the reason.
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    Ahhh, Matt Stevens. Worst player to play for the Texans, which is saying something. It's sad to think that he was one of our starting safeties at one point.
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    yes, but colemen is following in his footsteps.

    FS for our future, and only a 2nd round pick: Ko Simpson.

    look him up, and mark me down as having us take him.

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