Texans Fans just like Gold Bugs/Don't Pass betters

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by kingh99, Dec 11, 2006.

  1. kingh99

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    You know it's sad when the most you can hope for to save face is for Bush or Young to break a leg.

    The Texan fans that remain are going to be just like Gold Bugs. You know these people. They invest in gold because they just know the next great depression is coming. They basically hope for bad times to make bank. Of course eventually they get proved right, only after missing out on 80 years of gains. I can see the fans 4 years from now if Bush or Young get hurt, see we told you so! Meanwhile they will have thrilled NO and Tenn fans for the interim. Too funny.

    The Houston Texan Fans have been reduced to being the losers who bet the Don't Pass line at the Craps table.

    Negativity rules the landscape. A blind mole could have gotten the last draft right. The Texans have had three number one picks, Boselli, not Peppers and not Bush or VY. Fire the owner.
  2. luvyablue52

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    Dec 8, 2006
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    fire the owner?
  3. kingh99

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    The bankers own him. He's leveraged and entrusted with the company. He's a rube and needs to be run.
  4. 19-10

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    Jul 26, 2006
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    Hey not for nothing but the don't pass is the best odds at the table. Don't pass, 6 & 8 - you'll thank me for it. Of course you won't make friends at the table but what the hey you'll be winning more than losing.
  5. Texan_Bill

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    Jun 15, 2003
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    Houston. Mediocrity Lives Here!!
    Funny coming from someone that spreads as much negativity on this board as anyone....

    Fire the Owner?? Geeeeeez.... How does one even dignify that??

    He brings a team back after 7 miserable years. He let "football people" make "football decisions" (right or wrong). If he were 'hands-on' like Jerrah Jones, would you crucify him then also?
  6. kingh99

    kingh99 Guest

    Of course fire the owner. He wouldn't entertain thoughts of drafting VY because we had D Carr and G Kubiak simply told him what he wanted to hear in order to get through the first order of business, passing his interview and getting hired. Selling yourself is like selling anything. You'll do and say whatever to close the deal. Okay the next unforgiveable fault of this owner is his obvious thinskinnedness. He gave the pick to MW agent after deciding it was beneath his diginity to get in the dirt and negotiate with RB's agent. He was going to show everyone watching who wears the pants in this business. That would be McNair, not those agents and players. Uh huh.

    The decision to draft Carr, along with the decision to hire Casserly, Capers, take broke down Boselli with the first expansion selection, trade for Buchanon, screw up and impossible to screw up draft, the guy has run out of chances. He's ruined not one but two careers picking guys in the wrong spot of the draft. Williams will never live down the TEXANS mistake. If this trend continues, fans will blame him for ownership's monumental stupidity. Just like with Carr.

    The Carr pick ended up causing 2 first picks in the draft to be wasted. Fire the owner.
  7. dantem

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    Apr 19, 2006
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    The football fans here don't seem to care about football, they seem to be more like junior high school girls chasing after hot guys.

    Stop being destracted by your lust for other teams players and start pulling for your own team.
  8. Blu

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    The Great State of Texas
    R u stoooopid? Fire the Owner? Then what? you want a parade to welcome Bud back? ain't gonna happen!

    Let's just see what McNair thinks about all this..here's hoping he's tired of it and sends Rick Smith out on the market and picks up some great FA's.
    Drafts wisely, and gets rid of Carr.
    better to dock the boat and unload the crappy cargo than to ride this ship to the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico.

    I want to win... now!

    not in 5 years!


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