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Discussion in 'The National Football League' started by Holden135, Aug 28, 2005.

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    Alright guys i know we have 2 weeks until the regular season but i am having a little trouble with one of my fantasy football teams. I am in a league with a bunch of friends so i need to do well to have the bragging rights. When i drafted my team i stacked up my wr's and rb's but put off drafting a qb until later rounds. Therefore i have Vick and Kerry Collins as my qb's. I am trying to figure out who i should start in week one. The league is a little tricky because you lose points for interceptions, fumbles and for being sacked.
    In week one Vick goes against the Eagles and Collins against the Patriots. I like Vicks running ability because it can add more points but he gets sacked alot and throws a few int's. Collins has a great offense on his side but they are playing the Pats. Who do you guys think i should start? Thanks...
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    I'd go with Collins. The Eagles offense won't let Vick on the field much if they play the way they're capable of playing. Collins will make his share of mistakes over the course of a season, but he's got more than enough targets to throw to in Oakland. Moss can make any defense look bad, and even though he'll be going up against the SB Champs I think he'll still have a big day. Vick won't kill you with INTs, but he'll get sacked from time to time. The Eagles defense always seems to play well against him.
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    I would go Collins. More of a chance that he is getting junk yardage at the end of a game.

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