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Discussion in 'Tickets, Memorabilia and Gear' started by Ckw, Oct 30, 2011.

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    I'm curious if anyone else has noticed a difference in the shade of red of our Battle Red replica jerseys. I was just looking at them on NFL Shop, as I just got two of them from Dutch, and was noticing the color of the red is different.

    It seems like the Cushing and especially the Watt replica jerseys are a darker shade than the AJ, Mario, and Foster ones.

    Has anyone else noticed this or are my eyes deceiving me?!?
  2. Philip

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    Apr 7, 2006
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    As far as the Watt jersey, yes......and in size 54 it is definitely smaller than a white Foster jersey marked as size 54.
  3. HoustonJG

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    Sep 21, 2007
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    If you paid about 40 bucks for a jersey it is a cheap knockoff and the color Will not match the real thing

    A real easy way to tell a real jersey from a fake is the second color behind the number should have an outline of about 1/4" fake jerseys the outline is about 1/8"
  4. Hervoyel

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    I'm a big fan of cheap knockoff jerseys and think they're an excellent value. Buying a really expensive jersey is a poor investment at this point where the Texans are concerned. I have two of the high-end ones that I picked up used off of ebay. Yes, they are the real thing. One is a "CARR" that I converted to a "SCHAUB" with minimal effort*. The other is a "BOSELLI" that I'm turning into a jersey with my name on it.

    Right now the only sure thing in a Texans uniform that I'd spend $200 on is #80 so in the meantime cheap Chinese knockoffs are doing a booming business at my house. As HoustonJG pointed out the outline on the number is thinner and as you've already noticed the colors are "close but not exactly" a lot of the time. Also the embroidered "TEXANS" over the number on the chest is usually rather crude (though I've seen a couple that were absolutely perfect).

    *Eastern Lettering has a website, they're your best friend when the player whose expensive jersey you just bought leaves in free agency or doesn't pan out.
  5. Hookem Horns

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    Tampa Bay
    I think there are a TON of fans in agreement with you there. Today while watching the game on TV those knockoffs were all over the stadium.

    I am wondering when the NFL is going to step up and try to do something about it. This issue has to be killing their official jersey sales.

    If they really want to combat this issue the appropriate first step would be to put down the crack pipe when setting those insulting prices for the real jerseys. I can go out and buy a nice leather jacket cheaper than I can buy a real NFL jersey.

    If those real jerseys were around $100 they would still be overpriced however I would be more inclined to buy one over the Asian knockoff. However at over $200 I would never buy a real one or a crappy iron on replica for $80.

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