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Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by beerlover, Nov 16, 2005.

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    I'm starting to see alot of Mock drafts being waved about (which I enjoy, being one who thinks its never too early) but lets don't lose focus of what we've learned thru the 1st four years of the Texans existance in the NFL- we need to address the offensive line.

    It should be a given that the Texans take a premier tackle with their 1st pick. since Chester Pitts is doing a excellent job playing LT (now given the chance once again) I say we still draft a LT and start him out as the RT, moving Wade inside to RG. What that means since Chester has moved to the LT position we need to draft the best possible OG in the draft available in the 2nd round to take his place. so here is my #1 selection for the Texans in the 2nd round. agree or disagree-

    Davin Joseph OG/OT Oklahoma


    Davin has long arms, quick feet, good balance and strength and is an excellent pulling guard. To me his style is similar to Pitts & I feel they would work well together. http://www.footballsfuture.com/2006/prospects/davin_joseph.html
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    I'm guessing that if you're planning on shifting Wade inside to guard then you're either thinking the Texans will drop Wiegert and McKinney/Washington since Hogdon seems to be a good fit at center. I'm thinking that McKinney might be suitable at one of the guard spots with Weigert manning the other when healthy. Brown might still be worth keeping as a backup, but Weary has got to go. I'd be interested in keeping Washington as a backup for Hogdon. Riley would be gone, and the (new) coaches would likely have to decide on keeping Wade or Wand.

    While I think it would be important to pick up some good interior lineman in the draft, and Joseph certainly seems to be the best and most versatile of the bunch, we might be able to pick one up in the later rounds (say the 4th or 5th). It's always difficult to get into draft projections so early but it's definately food for thought.
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    Bobby Carpenter, OSU.
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    Davin, Max, or Scott, would be nice picks.

    I have no problem getting a OT, and OG 1-2.
    Or even OT, OT.

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