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    I know that a review is very difficult.
    I want to try the second half to see where the Texans were and are becoming.

    There's no clear cut who the best or worst O-lineman was.
    Pitts and Winston get the slight edge.
    But nobody get a C.

    Dressen, Salaam, Slaton, and Leach can be equally blamed when considered the times they were required to block.

    Both QBs threw stupid INT.

    Reeves was the worse CB, manhandled by Berrian all day.
    A lucky INT can't change that.

    If Bennett had the same lucky INT, he would have been the best CB that day.

    They all make some good plays, some bad plays, one more than the others.

    This day, Kubiak would have to take a big share of the blame for the loss.
    He subjected his QBs to an agressive defense, and did not counter enough, let alone soon enough.

    It's true that the LBs, especially Diles can play better.
    The D-line can play better.

    This day, Reeves' the main culprit on the D.
    The O dilema to be shared between the QBs and the O-line.
    And Kubiak.
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    Texans vs. Ravens

    The debacle continued.
    It just seems like we couldn't catch a break, let alone making one.
    An inteference call wiped out a TD pass to O.D.
    Then O.D. committed unecessary holding to wipe out a 58 yd TD run by Slaton.

    The Texans outgained the Ravens 203/167 but trailed 6-12 at the half.

    They would collapse in the second half.
    4 Ints by Rosenfels cememented his place in the Texans' lore.

    Not that the O-line helped.

    Grades in the blocking department:
    Brisiel and Winston: F (Brisiel contributed to 2 Ints, Winston 1)
    O.D.: D-
    Salaam: D
    Brown, Leach: C-
    Pitts: B-
    Myers: B+
    Dreessen and Slaton were fine, neither committed a notable error.

    The defense play poorly but not terrible, yielding only 328 yds.

    The CBs all got beat here and there within the tolerance limit.

    Reeves once again took the cake.
    A pass inteference gave the Ravens the ball at our one yd line where they would score a TD.
    A miss-assignement resulted in another TD.
    Another one (could be a miscommunication with Wilson) resulted in yet another TD.

    Greenwood gave another reason for not resigning him.

    There's some hope here with Bennett at CB and Okam as a run-stopper (I surely hope he can keep his weight in check.)

    Ferguson was very solid.
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    Well, even though we lost to both of them the Ravens was the most disappointing, I felt we had that game, You're spot on with poor play by the line and those ever present INT's, He(Rosenfels) single handedly killed our chances at a winning season, Im glad he is gone....have fun in Minnesota fag.

    Now the Vikes game was fun to watch and I believe that Reeves did pretty good for a guy who played in what ten games in 4 years before we signed him, Berrian is a fast guy, which makes him hard to cover. That interception was not lucky it was god sent Im not 100% but I think that was our only INT for a Touchdown so give him props.
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    u do know sage played for us some games last year iam not blaming it on him for the 8-8 season but i will 100% beleive he lost the Indy game for us single handly we could have at least been 9-7 maybe even 10-6 trying for a wildcard spot or at least be playing meaningful football in dec
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    I try not to discredit any player.
    I also try to keep an open mind, and it's hard.
    Hopefully, I have time to finish everything I'd like.
    We all know that toward the end of the year, the team as a whole, improve.
    And that's what matters!:fans:
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    I had watched each games at least 4 times each at the time.
    I wanted to comment, but finally I said, it would probably be better if I go back and check them plays out some more.
    There are just too many positions on the team.
    It's so easy to miss plays here and there.

    At the moment, I don't think I quite agree on your take about the O-line;
    especially on Myers and Brisiel.

    But we plenty of time yet.
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    I believe that we win and lose as a team.
    In football, you do well on some plays and badly on others.
    But if the players don't study their own film, how do they learn to improve?
    I like to study them in that sense, not to put the blame on any single player.
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    I like to do a play-by-play of the first quarter of the next game at Indy for a change.
    Later on, I will try to set up a certain point system to grade each player on the O-line on each play, and perhaps the secondary too.

    1st Qtr


    Houston Texans at 15:00, (1st play from scrimmage 14:52)
    1-10-HST 20 (14:52) S.Rosenfels scrambles right end ran ob at HST 22 for 2 yards (R.Brock).
    Bootleg, nobody was open.

    2-8-HST 22 (14:27) S.Slaton up the middle to HST 29 for 7 yards (G.Brackett).
    Good surge by entire O-line, plus Dreessen and O.D. on the right side.

    3-1-HST 29 (13:40) S.Slaton right tackle to IND 48 for 23 yards (C.Session). FUMBLES (C.Session), recovered by HST-O.Daniels at IND 48. O.Daniels to IND 45 for 3 yards (A.Johnson).
    Good job again by all. Brisiel, Winston, O.D., Leach on the right side clear the path for Slaton.
    Brown moved up to the second level and got a little piece of the CB (also impeding the LB in coming back)
    O.D. also moved up to the second level (AFTER his block.)
    A.J. also followed the action.
    That’s how one of the guys can recover the fumble.
    Blocking is not the only thing.
    The more the players stay with the play, the better their chance to help in case of needs.

    1-10-IND 45 (12:57) A.Green up the middle to IND 42 for 3 yards (G.Brackett, F.Keiaho).
    Another good surge by all.
    Slaton (instead of Green) might have been able to make a wicker cut and go further.
    There was a possibility on the left side to go VERY far.

    2-7-IND 42 (12:17) A.Green up the middle to IND 37 for 5 yards (C.Session).
    Again, good job by all.
    If only Winston could have latched on to the LB.

    3-2-IND 37 (12:17) S.Rosenfels pass short right to A.Johnson to IND 18 for 19 yards (A.Bethea, T.Jennings).
    Winston got beat to the inside, but Sage was able to get off a quick pass.
    Could havd been a big problem right there (say like, an INT. The LDE Brock had his right paw up.)

    1-10-IND 18 (10:56) S.Rosenfels pass short middle to A.Johnson to IND 10 for 8 yards (A.Bethea, T.Jennings).
    No problem on another quick pass.

    2-2-IND 10 (10:14) 30-A.Green left tackle to IND 10 for no gain (98-R.Mathis, 95-D.Reid).
    ZBS to left. Winston & Daniels were both late.
    O.D. missed the backside seal-off block on LDE Mathis; Winston couldn’t hold on to the LDT Reid, allowing these two guys to chase behind the LOS and make the play.
    Great blockings on the left side by Brown, Leach, and Pitts.
    Lotsa room there.

    3-2-IND 10 (9:31) 18-S.Rosenfels pass incomplete short right to 89-D.Anderson [58-G.Brackett].
    Rosenfels had about 3 secs on the roll-out. Shoulda let the ball fly earlier, Anderson was open in the far right corner. Wasted red-zone chance. Shoulda been a TD.

    4-2-IND 10 (9:25) 3-K.Brown 28 yard field goal is GOOD, Center-48-B.Pittman, Holder-1-M.Turk.
    HST 3 IND 0 Plays: 10 Possession: 5:39

    K.Brown kicks 65 yards from HST 30 to IND 5. C.Simpson pushed ob at HST 49 for 46 yards (K.Brown, A.Molden).
    Indianapolis Colts at 9:21, (1st play from scrimmage 9:14)
    1-10-HST 49 (9:14) (Shotgun) J.Addai right tackle to HST 48 for 1 yard (M.Williams, E.Cochran).
    Good job by Cochran in penetrating, and slowing down Addai.
    Good job by Mario to read and react, and come back to make the tackle.
    Demeco was also right there.

    2-9-HST 48 (8:39) J.Addai left end to HST 43 for 5 yards (E.Wilson, D.Ryans).
    Good job by the D-line and Faggins (lined up as RLB) to string out Adai.
    The Colts pulled and had enough blue jerseys on that side, and Addai is plenty quick.
    Good job by Wilson in shedding his blocker.

    3-4-HST 43 (8:03) (Shotgun) P.Manning pass short right to R.Wayne pushed ob at HST 36 for 7 yards (D.Faggins).
    Not much Faggins can do here, except not to make a mistake.
    I will be concentrating more on the secondary. The Colts short game makes it hard for the D-linemen.

    1-10-HST 36 (7:42) J.Addai up the middle to HST 32 for 4 yards (N.Ferguson).
    Good job by Ferguson to maneuver to plug the hole.

    2-6-HST 32 (7:11) P.Manning pass short right to M.Harrison to HST 25 for 7 yards (F.Bennett).
    Good recovery by Bennett on the shake and bake move by Harrison.
    Good job by Adibi to stand up his blocker and slow down Harrison.
    These short timing routes by the Colts are so difficult to defend (just like ours.)

    1-10-HST 25 (6:28) (Shotgun) J.Addai right end to HST 22 for 3 yards (X.Adibi, F.Bennett).
    Again, good job by Adibi to stand up and shed off his blocker to force Addai wide right.
    Bennett came up like a flash. (Announcer: “Nice play by Fred Bennett.”)

    2-7-HST 22 (5:52) P.Manning pass incomplete short middle to D.Clark.
    Texans got pressure on both edges. Manning saw Mario and just rid himself of the ball.

    3-7-HST 22 (5:48) (Shotgun) P.Manning pass incomplete short middle to R.Wayne.
    Manning can see Bulman coming.
    Zgonina gave Clark a push (within 5 yards), which is quite relevant.
    Clark took longer to sit on the route, and had to worry about the lick he knew would be coming from Ryans.
    Every little thing count. It’s not just a simple dropped pass.
    If Manning has a fraction more time, he would have adjust to Clark.
    If Clark had a fraction more time, he could have adjusted perfectly to the pass,
    and have time to position himself to absorb the coming hit.

    4-7-HST 22 (5:43) A.Vinatieri 40 yard field goal is GOOD, Center-J.Snow, Holder-H.Smith.

    A.Vinatieri kicks 67 yards from IND 30 to HST 3. R.Moats to HST 28 for 25 yards (M.Giordano, T.Hagler).
    Houston Texans at 5:39, (1st play from scrimmage 5:31)
    1-10-HST 28 (5:31) S.Rosenfels pass deep left to K.Walter to IND 11 for 61 yards (A.Bethea, G.Brackett).
    Bootleg to the left. Here that I said Sage has always been quite efficient rolling out to the left.
    1-10-IND 11 (4:43) 18-S.Rosenfels scrambles left end pushed ob at IND 9 for 2 yards (96-K.Dawson).
    Faked bootleg left again, but AJ couldn't get open quick enough on the side line.
    Rosenfels was too locked on to AJ. There was another option. Instead of running, if he would only stop and wait.
    Walter fell down and should have gotten up quicker. (Never never give up on a play, Kevin.)
    He was still open nonetheless, but Sage couldn’t see him.
    That could have been a TD.
    2-8-IND 9 (4:15) 20-S.Slaton up the middle to IND 10 for -1 yards (55-C.Session).
    Good read by the Colts D. Rosenfels shoulda seen the trap and changed the call (Was he allowed to???)
    They showed you the running lane, but they would close it up quickly. All their LBs were gearing themselves up to plug that hole.
    I don’t like to second guess a call, but now we are faced with 3rd and 9.
    And you know they will be coming.
    3-9-IND 10 (4:15) 18-S.Rosenfels sacked at IND 16 for -6 yards (93-D.Freeney).
    D. Brown simply lost his leverage and was beaten by Freeney.
    Winston also lost badly to Mathis on the other side. Only a face mask by Winston kept Mathis from getting there just after Freeney. (Ref just didn’t call it, or maybe Winston let it go quickly enough, but he definitely jerked Mathis backward.)
    4-15-IND 16 (3:02) 3-K.Brown 34 yard field goal is GOOD, Center-48-B.Pittman, Holder-1-M.Turk.
    HST 6 IND 3 Plays: 5 Possession: 2:41
    K.Brown kicks 70 yards from HST 30 to IND 0. C.Simpson to IND 26 for 26 yards (C.Thompson, K.Bentley).
    Indianapolis Colts at 2:58
    1-10-IND 26 (2:58) P.Manning pass incomplete short right to J.Addai.
    Pass in and out of Addai’s hands.
    But remember, Manning had an eye on Mario coming, and another eye on Ryans coming over.
    He did not want an INT.
    Also, Addai’s concentration was broken up by Ryans flying to the ball (perhaps his vision was clouded as well.)
    Hey, but if anybody wants to call it a drop pass, go right ahead.

    2-10-IND 26 (2:47) J.Addai up the middle to IND 26 for no gain (D.Ryans).
    Ryans plugged the hole nicely. Dunta was alo there on the edge.
    Texans shifted their D at the last minute, Manning couldn’t change the play.

    3-10-IND 26 (2:09) (Shotgun) P.Manning pass short left to J.Addai to IND 38 for 12 yards (X.Adibi).
    Adibi probably dropped too far in the zone. (Can’t really see, but from the original formation, that was probably the case.)
    This where I agree that sometimes the D drops back a little too far in the 2-minute drill.
    Well, it eventually ended up in the FG. I guess that was what we play for against the Colts.

    1-10-IND 38 (1:24) J.Addai right end to IND 40 for 2 yards (N.Ferguson).
    Addai wanted to go up the middle, but nothing there so he cut to the outside.
    Ferguson came up right smartly.
    Bennett also.

    2-8-IND 40 (:47) J.Addai right end to 50 for 10 yards (N.Ferguson).
    Adibi got pushed a bit too much to the outside and couldn’t set the edge.
    Ryans got caught in the trash. Bennett shoulda have taken the inside.
    Mario and Wilson both came a long way, ready to help.
    Good read and react and stay with the play.
    1-10-50 (:02) (Shotgun) P.Manning pass incomplete short left to D.Rhodes.
    Again, Manning saw Mario and throw the pass a hair too wide.
    It would have been at most a 3 yd gain around midfield, no biggie!
    Again, ‘cause it’s Manning, the announcer(s) probably counted this as a so-called “dropped pass” while in actuality, Manning led the RB too far outside.
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    During which part of the season? My opinion changes as the season progresses.

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    Any part!
    Them guys are young, the later into the season, the more you would expect them to improve.
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    Texans at Colts

    I think this Colts game did a lot to the Texans' psyche.
    We've been going up there looking lost, the laughing stock of the NFL... but not this time.

    There was no far-away look in the second half.
    Even as the Colts went up 30-20 early in the 4th.

    There was no celebration on the Colts sideline.
    Our guys came out focused, confident, and marched down the field for a TD on a long 6-min drive.

    Even when the Colts came right back out doing the same thing and got a first down on our 26 yd line.
    The stand was full of people cheering... nervously.

    Then came 2nd and 9 with 3:48 to go.
    Dungy was pacing the sideline.
    The Colts cheerleaders weren't dancing, but stood transfixed.

    The roar dulled as fast as it started when Reeves broke up a pass to Wayne at the 9yd line.
    With Weaver boring down on him, Manning slightly underthrew.
    He also knew Mario would be coming.
    Plus the fact that Bulman was in his line of sight, and approaching.
    This game wasn't in the bag by any long stretch.

    3rd and 9, the Texans brought 7 to the LOS and a total of 9 men in the box.
    Manning called time-out.
    Neither his look, nor Dungy's instilled much confidence from the crowd.

    A completed pass... short of a first down???
    The cheering was half-hearted.
    Manning was running around complaining to the officials.
    None in the stadium thought it was a first down, including the announcers.
    There was no uproar in the crowd to protest the spot of the ball.
    Even the Colts' sideline didn't look like they believed a re-spot of the ball would be enough for a first down.

    They re-spotted the ball to measure.
    More nervous applauding.

    When they announced "first down", the cheering in the stand was more of a relief than anything.

    1st and 10 at our 16.
    A 4 yd run didn't produce much noise from the crowd... strangely!
    It seems like the Colts' fans had more respect to the Texans' D than quite a few of their own fans (sorry!)

    Then Cochran came up for a one-yd tackle for loss.
    Weaver also there.
    The place was muted.

    2 minute warning.
    More nerve wrecking in the stand.
    The only thing you hear is "We will rock you" playing.

    3rd and seven.
    Colts were in 3-wides now.

    And then the world turns.

    The Texans brought 8 men up, inside the box.
    A flash of Demeco to showcase the coming attraction.

    Two CBs right on the line of scrimmage to check on the 2 receivers on one side.

    Only Reeves hovered near the 1st down marker, inviting Manning to throw the other way.
    One look at Mario flexing his all, and Manning said, no thanks!

    Then Da Bulls charged!
    Eight of them aroaring in this Indy 500.
    The Finish Line is painted on Manning's helmet.

    And by jove, they came!

    59 carved a new road, crossing the states' borders, right up through Manning's gut.
    It was still extremely fast in super slo-mo.
    So fast such that Mario just had to stop and watch.
    He did have to veer off from the blocking TE, with one eye one the flight of the ball.
    It never got there!

    Somebody needs to tell Mario not to worry so much.
    Even if Clark didn't trip on himself, he would have been out of bound way short.

    One MAN is plenty enough for the job.

    The Texans themselves realized they have found quite a few good men!
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    Grading the O-line for the Indy game:

    Myers 80.69 constant throughout except for one subpar play.

    Pitts 78.92 constant throughout.

    Brisiel 75.43 constant throughout except for a couple of bad plays.

    Winston 74.15 very inconsistent, quite a few subpar plays, three or four of bad plays, and a couple of terrible plays but also had some nice blocks.

    Brown 73.78 a couple of terrible plays, otherwise pretty consistent.
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    Clear Lake
    This avg should go from a C+ to at least a B.
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    I am so hearing the NFL Films music behind this.:kingkong:
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    Actually, in my current "system", they were B- to B+

    B- is 70.00
    B is 75.00
    B+ is 80.00

    So the lowest grade for this game is already close to a B.
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    Haha, I did, too!
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    Overall, The Texans were consistent throughout.

    They missed a few TD opportunities early on.

    On the first drive, on 2nd and 2 at the Indy 10, Winston and O.D. missed key blocks on a running play.
    The Colts then read the bootleg correctly and Sage had to throw the ball away.
    They settled for a FG.

    On the second drive, on first and 10 at the Colts 11, AJ was well covered on a QB's roll-out to the left.
    Instead of running out of bound, if only Sage could buy himself a little more time,
    he would find Walter wide open for a highly possible TD or definitely a very good gain, at least 6-7 yds.

    In all honesty, Sage had seen Walter fallen down on a cut block, and slow to get up,
    so he was trying to get positive yardage out of the play.
    But actually, Walter's being on the floor was what made the defenders converge on Sage.
    Aahhh, if only it was a designed play.

    On the next play, the Colts had the right call for the running play, and stuffed Slaton in the backfield.

    Then on third down, Freeney beat Brown on a spin move to the inside and sacked Rosenfels.
    We were in the "spread" formation with no help to the tackles.

    I hate to second guess a call, but Kubiak had Sage in a 5-step drop
    and all 5 receivers running (at least) more than 5-yd routes???
    Can't see clearly even from two different camera angles.
    But I think a 3-step drop and a quick pass to AJ on a medium slant route was present there.
    It took Freeney over 2 secs to get to Sage.

    The Texans settled for another FG.

    On the third drive, the Texans failed to convert on 3rd and one when Winston was late on the second level.
    A cut block might have done the trick instead of a reach block with his hand(s).
    Once again, the Colts had the right call.
    I consider that miss-block by Winston somewhere between subpar and bad, but not terrible.
    Texans punted.

    The only other punt came in third quarter.
    Dreessen was flagged for false start.
    Some decent plays by the Colts had the Texans on third and six.
    Winston got beat on the edge.
    Mathis was on Sage in just over one sec and had a little piece of his arm on the throw.

    Other than that, it was a good effort by all.
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    Also, as I said I am still tinkering with my "system".
    On a normal grading system, I would probably add another 3 to 6 points to each player.
    Myers may get an A-, and Pitts also is a possibility.
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    Man, I'll bet Chris is pissed about missing that 81 by 31 hundredths of a point.
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