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Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by Texan4Ever, Mar 17, 2009.

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    With the NFL Draft creeping closer and closer, Iv'e decided to do my very own mock draft for the Houston Texans...

    Round 1 – Clay Matthews – OLB

    ~ Non-stop motor with pass-rush capabilities, Matthews performed well at the combine and posted one of the best 10-yard times in the 40-yard dash displaying his explosiveness and has a good burst of speed. He has a good football IQ and more importantly a good work ethic.

    Round 2 – Robert Ayers – DE

    ~ Posses solid frame for an ideal DE and does an excellent job of shedding blocks. Uses his hands well and can burst off of the ball. Underachieved early on and has low sack totals and has motor issues but if coached well, has tremendous upside. Not sure if he will be around but if he is, Ayers is a good choice.

    Round 3 – Michael Hamlin – S

    ~ Has a ton of experience and above average football IQ. Good hands and ball skills for a safety and is a threat against the run. A team player and leader, he is reliable and can read and react quickly.

    Round 4 – Gartrell Johnson – RB

    ~ Powerful RB with the size and ability to punish would-be tacklers. Break out season senior year and averaged 4.8 yards per carry. Excellent player to backup Steve Slaton and can pound the ball up the middle.

    Round 4 – Roy Miller – DT

    ~ Doesn’t posses the ideal size for a DT but is very stout at the point of attack. Played for Texas and was very productive, finishing with 138 tackles and 10 sacks in his career.

    Round 5 – Mike Mickens – CB

    ~ Posses the ideal height for a CB but needs to bulk up. Allows too much separation (which can be fixed) but reads and reacts well and had a productive career at Cincinnati. Can play both man and zone schemes, might not be around this late.

    Round 6 – Anthony Hill – TE

    ~ Good height and bulk for a TE. Can block as well as catch the ball. Possesses reliable hands and works well in traffic and can take hits.

    Round 7 – Greg Isander – OG

    ~ Played in the zone-blocking scheme and has excellent bulk. Played left-guard for two years and if he is around this late he is worth serious consideration. A team leader who run-blocks well and can substitute for the Texans and contribute.

    *Go ahead and rip as much as you want, however, I do like compliments as well :)*
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    This should be moved to the appropriate section, but no biggie. :thisbig:

    I won't get into Matthews other than saying his value isn't at 15.

    I don't like Ayers. He didn't produce in college, and he isn't a guy with great measurables. He projects as solid but I think his upside is very limited. Good size who will be an NFL guy, but he will be a journeyman after his initial contract.

    Hamlin is looking like a round too low, but I like him as a player.

    Mickens is a round or two too low.
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    I could live with those picks.
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    Very nice mock. I have Robert Ayers rated higher than YTF does. Might be buying Okoye all over again: BUT , I think for what they say THEY WANT TO DO with that position...he makes a very good guy to grooom behind Antonio Smith.

    And by groom , I mean rotate in for a signifacant number of snaps.

    Be a prety good draft if it fell like this. Good Job.

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