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    Back in the cellar again
    I know some of you are wondering why we would draft Daniels when we signed Putzier, have Bruener, and likely will have Joppru too, right? Well lets examine the situation:

    1. Bruener seems expendable to me. While he can block well, he doesn't bring enough receiving skills to the table to stay around IMO.

    2. Putzier is great between the 20's as evidenced by his nice YPC. However, his lack of productivitiy in the red zone was more of a factor in Denver letting him go than his blocking skills.

    3. Daniels is an H-back that is more of a red zone specialist. He should help us finish drives. He might get some play at FB too.

    4. Joppru is the only "complete" TE we have on our roster, but to count on him contributing after 3 years of injuries would be a mistake. If he is healthy, he will provide us with a big boost. Lets just not expect it.

    I expect Putzier to be in there a lot outside of the red zone. I could see Daniels and Joppru in there a lot close to the goal line. I am excited to finally see us have some guys with skills in this position.
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    I feel that unless Joppru goes off early, this coaching staff will have no problem letting him go.

    I also heard somewhere that our coaching staff felt Matt Murphy could play Tackle.
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    Texas Tech
    Agreed, and I also heard that they could see Murphy playing OT. As far as my depth chart for TE, I have it Putzier, Joppru, Daniels, and possibly Murphy. Bruener needs to be released, Murphy can do his job blocking as good and is a better receiver. Rivers is also gone I think, no need for him. Halterman should stay on the practice squad, he's done decent in NFLE and theres no point in getting rid of him.
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    Is there any news on Joppru's recovery? Will he be in training camp, or is that still up in the air?
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    Over here.
    There is no way Matt Murphy is going to block as well as Bruener. Not gonna happen. I'm sure hes receiving skills are far better though and I can see how Bruener doesn't fit here anymore, so his days are probably numbered.

    Someone also said that they'd let Joppru go if he doesn't go off early. I hope they keep him for at least one year of play IF he doesn't get injured again. There's a lot of potential there if he can stay on the field.
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    Clear Lake
    Well said. Marcellus rivers is decent too...
    An overview of what you said -

    Bruener - Good Blocking TE Lacks Receiving skills
    Putzier - Good receiving TE lacks redzone stability
    Daniels - Good redzone TE doesnt standout at anything else however
    Joppru - Best TE we have overall most likely but isnt reliable to stay healthy

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