Terry Bradshaw explains why Brees is so good (Terry is goofy, but smart on football!)

Discussion in 'The National Football League' started by GP, Sep 21, 2009.

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    OK, whether you like the guy's antics and personality or not, makes no difference. What he says in this article is good stuff. He explains what makes a QB "good," versus just being an average QB in the NFL.

    When we talk about our team, and the QB position and how the OC does or doesn't allow audibles, etc., this little excerpt from the article is (IMO) THE defining characteristic of whether a team's QB is able to consistently win.

    Essentially, it's reading the coverage before the snap and being able to know where to go before you snap the ball. Schaub began clicking in the Titans game, especially in the Dreesen 4th Down catch where Dreesen was seemingly THE go-to guy as soon as the ball was snapped.

    I am wondering why Matt seems to either be functioning in this manner, or failing to function in this manner--There's really not an in-between mode for the guy. He's either on fire, or sputtering. And, an oline looks a lot better when the QB is decisive and rhythmic with his decision-making. We know that a QB has to have blocking up-front, but I am beginning to lean back to the traditional mindset that says the QB can make an oline look worse than it is.

    Excerpt from story:

    There is also some really good analysis by Terry, in the article, about other NFL storylines from this past weekend. The guy is not too shabby as a writer and analyst!

    Other tidbits from Terry:

    1. I tell you, right now, the Jets are lot more exciting than the Giants ever thought of being.

    2. (On the topic of the Cards playing better this weekend)...But what really impressed me is that they are not historically a good road team and they did this in Jacksonville, against a team that gave the Colts fits on opening Sunday. That's why nobody picked them to win today because they were in Jacksonville.
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    the Jets aren't really that exciting right now. Eli Manning is quite a player, though.

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