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    Texas Tech
    By Brad Lorkovic (aka LORK 88)​

    Being the good Texas Tech student I am, I waited all day in line, got great seats 4 rows up on the 25 yardline, and cheered til my voice went out on me because of sheer anger (but I wont get into that). Of course, being the draft nerd I am, I spent a good amount of time watching the possible draft prospects. With that said, I figured Id share with everyone else who are curious about the draft. If I forgot to mention anyone or you want to know more, just say the word.

    • Frank Okam impressed me when he was in. I didnt pay much attention to the batlle in the trenches, but he caught my attention quite a few times. He got penetration quite afew times on running plays like it was nothing and looked like a man among boys. He's athletic too, he's not just a big man who clogs the lanes like Gabe Watson. The only thing I could see being a downside is that he wasn't too involved getting pressure on Harrell against Tech's horrid pass blocking O Line (which actually played alot better than normal).

    • To put it simply, Jarrett Hicks controlled the game in the 1st half and looked dominant. I had my doubts at the beginning of the season because he was inelidgable for the beginning of it and didnt show up afew games after it, but this game erased all doubts that he can be sucessful in the NFL. He's got the size (6'3" 212 lbs), has great hands (especially on jump balls), and can break tackles and make things happen after the catch. He was making the UT CBs look like nothing for awhile. However, I question his speed and already know that the combine will take his stock down a notch unless he runs a 4.5.

    • Ive never had more fun yelling at a single player in my life. Yes, Im talking about Tarell Brown who I repeatedly asked if he could hook me up with an ounce. However, he looked decent this game even though his performance was up and down. He had his moments when he'd lock the Tech WR down, but then he gave up afew plays. If he can get his off field issues together, I could see him being a midrounder.

    • Speaking of UT CBs, Aaron Ross looked pretty good. He's fast, and multidimensional (returned Kicks and Punts as well). What caught my attention is that he'd line up 3-4 yards off the receiver and wouldn't get beat deep. As potential problems, I could see his confidence being a bit of a problem when he gets to the NFL underestimating some WRs. I could also see his agressive play getting the best of him as he had a few instances when I thought pass interference could be called on him for having a slap war with WRs down the field.

    • Im sorry, but I dont see much coming from Selvin Young. He's got some patience when running, but looks slow and cant break tackles. Quite often in fact, I saw a Tech player lighting him up. He only average 3.9 YPC against a rushing D that isnt exactly great when it comes to rushing D. On the other hand, Jamaal Charles looked amamzing. Of course he's got great speed, but what impressed me is that he could juke and used his speed to break tackles. He made Tech look bad on several occasions and I could see him being great if he continues to improve.

    • Limas Sweed wasn't that active, but on his TD catch he looked fast. It was a simple deep route and he just burned the CB with ease. I don't think he should enter the 2007 draft, because I think another year could really make this guy a great WR. I woudlve liked to see more out of him as Roy Williams, the old #4 was in attendance, but the play was great.

    • Joel Filani and Rober Johnson; while I feel they could be good, I still have some questions about them. Johnson looked good on shorter routes taking them upfield fast and reminds me of Michael Robinson, the WR/RB/QB rookie for SF. I question his work ethic however and he tends to lose focus every now and then. Filani is good too and a big, tall WR, but I know his 40 time will shoot him down quite a bit. He has good work ethic and uses his strength to his advantage as he stiff armed Michael Griffin pretty well, but his speed is a huge downer as he sometimes has problems getting open. They could both be day 2 picks and have an unknown future that they determine.

    • Speaking of Michael Griffin, I actually didn't notice too much of him this game. I saw him on acouple big hits, but I didnt notice him too much in coverage and like I said above, he got stiff armed pretty good against Filani. He does have good size, speed, and measurables, but I wouldve liked to see more of him in the game.

    • So I have to mention some Tech defensive players that look good. Fletcher Session and Brock Stratton at OLB and MLB looked good to me. Stratton is a pure tackler and a run stopper at MLB who draws similarities to Zach Thomas because of size comparisons and the style of play. Stratton also isnt a liability in pass D whatsoever as he picked off Brett Myer twice last week. I won't say he's Thomas yet, but he does have a lot of comaprisons. Fletcher Sessions on the other hand is just a playmaker whos vesatile and can play any position in the LB core. He looks best in pass D as he picked off McCoy for a TD and shouldve had another. He also never allowed his receivers to get anything after the catch as he was always on them. He is a good tackler as well, and finds a way to get to the QB. I dont see either getting drafted day 1 and might not be drafted til R7 or not at all, but I see them as potential sleepers.

    • Jermichael Finley has a great future at TE. He caught my eye at warmups, he was catching passes with 1 hand and because of his number and athleticism, I thought he was a big WR for a while. He had some great grabs in the game despite dropping a deep pass that hung up for a while which gave time for Tech to knock it down, but this guy will be a 1st rounder in afew years. I also didn't watch him blocking, but Im sure he can do well enough given time.

    • Manny Ramirez looked good at OG. On pass blocking, he did what D'Brickashaw Ferguson would do in that he took one step back and locked up his man. He did decent as a run blocker, but with his size I feel that something that could be improved with the right NFL team. Potentially a day 1 pick if he can continue to improve.
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    Jamaal Charles would already have 1200 yards this year playing for nearly anybody other than Texas.... he's the real deal and an LT type talent if he can put on 15-20 lbs... he's still pretty young.
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    Aaron Ross will be a first rounder. Top notch coverage talent, ball hawk, hard hitter and a knock out on special teams. That kid is special.

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