Teams that SHOULD be worse than us that won today.

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by HTown2ATX, Sep 27, 2009.

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    Aside from the Jags.....

    Detroit over Redskins in DET.

    Denver (who most assumed after all the crazy stuff would suck) over OAK in OAK.

    Cincy over Pitt in Cincy.

    Jets over Possum Squallor Hootinanies from Bumblescum Mountain (sorry, still no respect for the Jets yet IMO. Obviously we were bad, they beat us, tits are bad and they beat them, no big whoop IMO).

    Did anyone else see the end of that Cincy game? I wish we saw more exciting stuff now and then that ended positively for us! Jeez!

    I don't know why I threw this together. I guess just because I am tired of seeing teams that are supposed to be "below" us play REAL football with offense, DEFENSE, heart, emotion and fire!

    Todays Houston D gets the POOF Lion award!=:lion:
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    Or they might actually be good.

    If it weren't for a flukey play, Cincy would easily be 3-0 if you think about it.

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