Team depth, needs and potential draft picks

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    First a review of what the team looks like currently


    LT - Spencer, Black, Saalam (Spencer is questionable and others are temp fices, an addition here is still possible)
    LG - Pitts (we should be good here)
    C - Mckinney, Flanagan, Hogdon (All 3 have doubts, could use a young player to develop)
    RG - Weary, McKinney?? (should be good here)
    RT - Winston, Black, Saalam (Or Spencer if we get another quality LT, this position should be adequate)

    I would imagine we are set here with Schuab and Rosenfels

    RB - Green, Dayne, Taylor, Lundy, Gado, Williams?? (should be solid for this year, but drafting a rb not completely out of the question)
    FB - ?? (Doesn't look like we will have Leach, so we need somebody here)

    TE - Daniels, Bruener, Putzier (Solid group for this year)
    WR - AJ, Walter, Mathis (need a quality #2)

    Offense need summary:
    WR2 - highly needed
    FB - Need a reliable blocker that might be able to be used as a weapon.
    LT - Depends on Spencer, but would like to add a young talent here. Spencer and Winston have both been romured to possibly being a better fit at gaurd. Best player gets LT, second best at RT, and the 3rd as a backup or gaurd. Can you imagine depth??
    C - player to develop would be good


    DT - TJ, Maddox, Zgonina, Weaver?? (Not exactly top quality here, could use a new talent and/or move Weaver inside)
    DE - Williams, Weaver, Babin (I'm happy with this unless we can get a high draft pick to play DE and move Weaver inside)

    Ryans, Clarck, Barber, Greenwood, Wong, Orr (I think we have enough options here to wait with as many other needs as we have)

    CB - Robinson, Faggins, McKenzie (Be nice to bump Faggins back to a nickel back)
    S - Earl, Brown, Simmons, Stone (Need a true FS, Let Earl & Brown compete for SS and backup to FS)

    defensive need summary:

    How do you think we can fill these needs?

    WR2 - deep WR draft class?? Can we get a quality #2 in the 3rd or 4th, or do we need a 1st round talent

    FS - We need somebody here, Landry/Nelson in the 1st? Or since we don't have a 2nd, who could we get in the 3rd/4th that would make an impact.

    CB - This would be less of a need if we get Landry/Nelson, but if we don't this becomes a bigger need. We could take a CB in the 1st, but would we be better off with Landry/Nelson and a 3rd/4th round talent at CB2?

    DT/DE - I'd like a quality player here to challenge the other guys. Weaver would be a possiblity for whichever position we don't draft

    FB - I think we need somebody that we can count on to pick up the blitz so we need to find a FA. I'm not sure if anyone is available. I'd be happy with a late round talent to develop and play special teams.

    C - I doubt we can get Kalil, so otherwise I'd like a mid round to develop.

    LT - Levi brown is still a possibility and would help secure the line, but a mid rounder would help provide talent and depth to the line.

    My order of preference for the

    DE - Adams/Anderson
    RB - Peterson (you never know)
    S - Landry
    DT - Okoye
    CB - Hall/Revis
    DT- Branch
    S- Nelson
    OT - Levi brown
    WR - Bowe/Meachum/Jarret/Ginn

    2nd - no current pick, but would like to see a trade down to get more quality players, WR maybe?

    2nd/3rd/4th - BPA available of WR, FS, CB, DT/DE not chosen in the 1st round. I really want a trade down for extra picks so we can fill all 4 of these positions with more talent. If not I hope we can get a FA to fill in one hole.

    5th - 7th - FB and OL projects.....

    So what do you object to in this?

    What did I miss as far as depth?

    What are your top 3 positions of need in the draft?
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    I will just cover the 1st day. after that I don't really know too many players and their talent.

    The biggest needs imo is FS, CB2, and WR2.

    I think the BEST thing for us to do is trade down and get a 2nd round pick. I think a lot of people think this, but it's hard to find a partner...hopefully we can. So with a pick from say.. 16-21ish or so.

    It really depends on who the best pick available is at each spot. so i'll list a few players from the position i'd like that could be a fit for us.

    Round 1- Pick 16-21) Possibly Reggie Nelson FS, Leon Hall CB, Chris Houston CB, Darrelle Revis CB, Robert Meachem WR, Dwayne Jarrett WR, Dwayne Bowe...etc.

    Round 2- Pick 16-21) Possibly Daymien Hughes CB, Marcus McCAuley CB, Fred Bennett CB, Anthony Gonzalez WR, Eric Weddle S, doubtful meriweather lasts this long.

    Round 3- Pick 8) Possibly Aundre Allison WR, Jason Hill WR, David Irons CB, Josh Wilson CB, Jacoby Jones WR, Troy Smith WR (jk lol)

    There are of course plenty others but i'll stick with these guys. My favorite wr besides CJ is Meachem...But I'd rather spend our 1st on a secondary guy..i think i'd put WR off till the third. We'd shore up our secondary in 1st and 2nd, and get a wr2 in the 3rd. Then in the 2nd day we could look at OL and DL for 4 picks or something!

    option 1-
    1-Reggie Nelson FS
    2-Fred Bennett CB
    3-Aundre Allison WR

    option 2 -
    1- Leon Hall CB (if not there revis/houston)
    2- Eric Weddle S
    3- Aundre Allison WR

    option 3-
    1-Reggie Nelson FS
    2-Anthony Gonzalez WR
    3-David Irons CB

    I think Leon Hall or Reggie Nelson are my to top guys for our 1st round pick. Probably take either one if we stay at 10 too. i think having hall and dunta would be great w/ faggins at nickle like you suggested. Still a chance Landry could fall to ten..if so i'd take him.
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    This looks pretty solid to me. I also hope we can find a trade-down partner.
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    I'd be ecstatic if we pulled that first day off.
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    FB is secured now since to my suprise we matched for Leach.

    I would be happy with the scenerios above. I'd be happy with a DB and a WR on day 1 with the picks we have now, and would be thrilled if we managed to trade down to get another DB or DT/DE.

    Then some OLine help after that.

    If we stay with only 2 picks on the first day, which 2 positions or players would you consider your top priorities??
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    I love the rankings and the depth chart. I agree that we could trade down another 2-10 spots and still get a guy we need - so do it and pick up a pick or two.

    My focus in rounds 5-7 would be special teams - unless a true prospect slips.
    FB is covered now so no worries there.
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    FS/WR 2 imo but it could change on draft day depending on who's available. If a Gaines Adams fell in our laps we just may have to take him ;)

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