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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by maddogmrb, Aug 21, 2010.

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    I have to go back to this year's draft of Garrett Graham, Trindan Holliday & Dorin Dickerson. While they may be good ball players (especially Graham) we didn't NEED ANY of them. If none of them make the team we won't be hurt. On the other hand, it is obvious we desperately need help at DT and depth on the interior O-Line and perhaps, just perhaps had we used those three picks on those positions of REAL NEED, maybe we would have found a sleeper ..... kinda like Garrett Graham is a sleeper at TE that we don't need.
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    DIdnt we draft a DT ????

    anywayz i think its well known no that we need help in the middle of the Oline Center and both guards IMO

    i think tho we did need help at the TE spot Owne is hurt Hill his hurt and Dressen was all we had along with Casey who i guess never impressed the coaches
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    Somewhat agreed.

    KR was important due to the fact that they wanted to keep JJ and Slaton fresh on offense. Plus, a lesser chance of them getting injured (i.e JJ rookie season vs. the Colt's punter.)

    We drafted Dickerson in the 7th, are you really going to complain about that? Because if you are, then there no point in trying to reason with you at all. Dickerson has a chance to be the next Colston, so I'm glad we took a flier on him.

    TE agreed. Casey and Dreesen is more than enough, if Owen doesn't come back fully recovered. I guess they thought Graham could be the next Owen (not Owen lite: Casey), if the worst case scenario happens.

    I really do wish we had taken Geno Atkins with one of our 4th, because he is tearing it up for the Bengals in pre-season. I guess they figured it's redundant to take a 3-gap DT with back-to-back pick.
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    Speaking of Dorin where was he last night? I understand the TE pick with te injuries there and moving Dickerson to WR. They could be thinking ahead for trade bait to aquire positions of need later.
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    Dickerson was out with an illness, I believe.
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    Was ill and was on the inactive list.
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    Who should they have taken with these picks, and how do those hypothetical players make us any better?
  8. ObsiWan

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    That's correct:
    Earl Mitchell DT/Arizona in the 3rd rd.

    And for the record,
    Graham was selected with our 2nd 4th round pick
    Holliday was selected with our 2nd 6th round pick
    Dickerson was selected with our final (7th round) pick

    here's a link to the 2010 draft let us know who we should have grabbed instead (not you Norg). Because, at the time, the only head scratcher was picking yet another TE. And after thinking about who was hurt (both O.D. and Hill), that pick made sense; it seemed smart to get some insurance at that position.

    Now Holliday was an unknown to me. But the draftniks on the msg board who had seen him play were really excited about the pick.

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