'Tank' Johnson's Bodyguard Killed In Bar Room Shooting

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    CHICAGO -- The bodyguard of Bears defensive lineman Terry "Tank" Johnson is dead after an early Saturday morning shooting at the Ice Bar, a nightclub in the River North area.

    Johnson and his bodyguard, Willie Posey -- both in trouble with the law this week -- were reportedly at the bar located at 738 North Clark Street when a fight broke out.

    Sources close to the investigation tell NBC5's Sharon Wright that Johnson was on the dance floor and his friend and self-proclaimed bodyguard, Posey, was nearby when a fight broke out.

    Posey stepped in, a bouncer tried to break it up and held Posey back, police sources say.

    Someone opened fire, striking Posey in the upper arm. He was rushed to Northwestern Memorial Hospital shortly after 1:30 a.m., where the medical examiner later confirmed the 26-year-old's death.

    No weapon had been recovered, the gunman is still on the loose, police said.

    Wright reported that, according to police sources, Johnson was questioned at the hospital strictly as a witness and at first denied being at the Ice Bar, but he later admitted being there and said he knew nothing.

    Johnson was allowed to leave the hospital, and his departure was captured by an NBC5 camera.

    Posey was arrested and facing drug charges in the wake of Thursday's raid on Johnson's home. Johnson was at Bears practice at the time of the raid.

    Lake County prosecutors previously said Posey served two years in prison for armed robbery and narcotics possession in 2001.

    He was convicted of robbery a Greyhound bus attendant in Skokie. Posey posted a 10-percent of his $10,000 bond Friday on a charge of marijuana possession.

    He was ordered to remain under supervision.

    Bears management was already unhappy with tank's recent arrest. Coach Lovey Smith said Johnson will sit out Sunday.

    NBC5 and NBC5.com will bring you any developments out of Hallas Hall and the Bears, plus any developments in the police investigation.

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    NFL forum
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    You mean to tell me that he died from a bullet to the arm wow that's pretty hard to believe
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    exactly my thoughts as well. Its hard to believe that clubs still dont use metal detectors consistently. here in corpus christi at a club called "stingers" they usemetal detectors i believe. I cant believe that night clubs havent made it a top responsibility to screen people. All this could have been prevented with a little bit of common sense. Nightclubs are scary in the sense that they are so crowded and there are few exits, and so if a shooting spree took place, the devastation would be unimaginable.
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    With no disrespect to the dead... Terry Johnson once again proves that being a prominent player on a Super Bowl contender simply isn't as cool as being a thug. Unbelievable.... Goodell should just throw him out of the league. They've really gotta establish a precedent of zero tolerance for drug dealing/gun violence. The NFL has shown no willingness to punish these guys, they just leave it up to underfunded local justice systems. Julius Peppers missed more playing time than this guy for popping ephedra. Ricky Williams gets banished for weed... and career criminals suit up every Sunday. I'd rather suffer the indignities of a losing season than wake up to stories of Ricky Manning and Terry Johnson's latest criminal activity. Props to you Mr. McNair. Don't ever be enticed by these athletithugs.
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    theres a major arterie in your upper arms, so must of hit that
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    Must be, because a shot in the arm, and dying from it doesn't add up.

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