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    Dec 2, 2012
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    Note: This draft is purely based on if I were gm, not my predictions of what the draft will actually look like.

    Round 1:
    Cordarrelle Patterson WR Tennessee
    This pick is long overdue, we finally get a #2 receiver to groom behind Dre.

    Propose Trade- Our second round pick, and Ben Tate for a mid to early second

    Round 2:
    Matt Barkley QB USC
    I'm not quiet on the cut Schaub bandwagon yet, but we probably need someone to groom behind him for year or two. He can make all the throws and has off the charts work ethic, and intangibles.

    Round 3:
    Kyle Long OT Oregon
    The right side of the o-line has be inadequate to say the least, Long is a project tackle with upside

    Round 3: (Mario Comp)
    Tyrann Mathieu CB/S/KR/PR LSU
    After going with a few high character guys, we can afford the risk. At worst he is a good return man and safety dept.

    Round 4:
    Nico Johnson ILB Alabama
    Dobbins and James are free agents after this year and he's good value in the forth.

    Round 5:
    Marcus Lattimore RB USCAR
    I traded away Tate in this mock so we need a new RB. Apparently his injury looked a lot worst then it actually was. If he can regain his form he's nothing short of a steal.

    Round 6:
    Trey Burton FB Florida
    You can never have to many solid players. He's basically a James Casey clone.

    Round 7:
    Denard Robinson OW (offensive weapon) Michigan
    I'm not gonna lie, I only put him here due to my lack of research in the later rounds of the draft. But he is someone I would take based on game changing speed and explosiveness.
  2. Corrosion

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    Long wont last till the end of round three .... He may go mid second based on his upside. You can plug him in at RG from the get go and move him to tackle later if the need arises.

    No way Nico Johnson lasts to the end of round 4 .... mid third round at the latest. #4-5 ILB in this draft.

    I have both of those players in my first mock .... just earlier.

    I wouldnt touch Barkley with a ten foot pole ....

    Im good with Cordarrelle Patterson and Tyrann Mathieu no complaints ....
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    Pearland, Texas

    1. Patterson, I'm good with this pick if he's still available and if he checks out well at the Combine in the WR drills.

    2. Barkley, I think he goes in the mid 1st round based on potential and the fact QB's go early.

    3. Long, great pick if still available but I think he goes in the 2nd round.

    3b. Mathieu, Hell No. He's short, been out of football to long, and he's a drug dealer.

    4. Johnson, he won't last this long, probably gone in the late 2nd or early 3rd.

    5. Lattimore, he'll need all of next season on IR. I'd rather have a productive RB. Right position, wrong player.

    6. Burton, I'm not familiar with him and I'd rather have Copeland, Boren, or Tutogi.

    7. Robinson, another college player without an NFL position, maybe WR. Low risk though.
  4. beerlover

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    1. Add a run after the catch guy is exactly what Texans need. I'm on board with this pick.

    2. Tate has only late round trade value as of now. Texans will ride him until his contract expires, he will walk, then hope for late round compensatory pick in return.

    3. Kyle Long is not a OT. Well at least has not played the position, based off that I beleive he will be there in the 3rd. He could come in & play LG, maybe groom for tackle?. Wade will be a free agent following season.

    3/4. Honey Badger & Nico are both big names but doubt Texans bite on the badger (even though he would make an excellent strong safety in the mold of Bob Sanders) Nico will mostly be gone.

    Lattimore is an outstanding prospect. This would fall completely on the medical staff recommendation.

    Why would Texans need another James Casey clone? They do need a premier blocking TE.

    Robinson doesn't get out of the mid rounds. Some think his best conversion is to CB.

    enjoyed your mock, getting a big play type of prospect with that first pick makes a lot of sense :)
  5. Rey

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    Not a fan of this Mock outside of Patterson...And I just like him as a player, but I think he'll do very little to help our team next year with Matt Schaub at the helm...

    I'm not a fan of the Honey Badger as a corner. He can't cover man to man.

    But I do like him as a safety. He is good playing zone, but if he ever gets matched up one on one against good recivers or TE's they'd eat him alive.
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    This giant tree, standing 10,000 ft. high but not
    Sort of a redundant pick with Burton taking on "offensive weapon" status.
  7. WolverineFan

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    Gil Brandt said he thinks Robinson's best position is CB. He's never played it, but Sam Shields has made a nice transition from WR to CB in Green Bay.

    FWIW, Urban Meyer recruited Robinson as a CB at Florida but he signed with Michigan because Rich Rodriguez gave him the opportunity to play QB.

    IMO, his best position is a RB hybrid position. Play some RB, some slot, maybe some wildcat, and return kicks. A lot like Dexter McCluster versatility-wise, but more explosive. He's a lot like Chris Johnson in size and athleticism, but runs more in the 4.4 range, not 4.3 like Johnson.

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