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    This Texans team is playing with swagger for the first time ever. I truly believe we can now beat anyone anywhere.

    We have shown resilience against Tennessee, Arizona, San Francisco, and now Buffalo. Their confidence is soaring. Our offense can win a shootout, and our defense can hold when it matters. It's no longer about "any given Sunday"; it's about EXPECTING to win. And I think this team now expects to win every single week.

    THAT, my friends, is SWAGGER.
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    Most Texans fans wouldn't know this, but the last time this team
    lost back-to-back games (three in a row, actually,) was at the
    Colts last year. Since then, they have gone 10-4 (5-2 on the road)
    This team HAS been winning, since Kubiak spoke to his 3-7 football
    team about going into Cleveland and getting him a win. After that game,
    they won an amazing 4-in-a-row to even their record at 7-7.

    Here's the postgame presser from that game. Listen to Mario, and Andre
    back their coach.


    Skip to the 16min mark to listen to Dre talk about the seeds Kubiak planted way back then in '08.
    They are starting to sprout, now.
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    I did not realize our record over that span. Thanks for the insight. Sure would be nice to hit a new 4 game win streak starting this Sunday.

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