Suspect in Javon Walker case appears in court

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    LAS VEGAS (AP) -- A man accused of robbing and beating Oakland Raiders receiver Javon Walker told a judge Wednesday that police pressured his girlfriend to press domestic violence charges against him before he was arrested in the Walker case.

    "My fiance, she was forced by the police, because of the other matter, to go forward with these accusations," Arfat Fadel said as he appeared by videoconference before Las Vegas justice of the peace Eugene Martin.

    Officer Ramon Denby, a Las Vegas police spokesman, declined to comment on Fadel's accusation because investigations were continuing in both cases. He did say that Fadel had not cooperated with investigators trying to identify a second man suspected of beating Walker.

    I felt sorry for Walker at first, but after that whopper of a story he told about being knocked out and dragged through a Las Vegas hotel was maybe the dumbest story any athlete has ever told the media before.

    Once the details about this story come out and what really happened is going to humiliate this clown and he'll deserve as well for insulting the public's intelligence the way he just did.

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