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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by m5kwatts, Oct 19, 2009.

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    I don't wanna post some big analysis piece but here's some snippets/visions/memories that I thought were significant from yesterday:

    -Antonio Smith made the first tackle of the game, arm tackling Benson for no gain, RT had no chance of stopping Smith from shedding him and getting to Benson

    -The Bengals getting the ball first and the Texans getting it in the 2nd half was HUGE, especially after the Texans allowed the Bengals to take a 17-14 lead, this team is a 2nd half team, we might wanna consider kicking in the 1st half and receiving 1st in the 2nd half from now on, maybe Gary?

    -The pass rush was not good enough - Yes Barwin got his first sack but we did not get sufficient pressure on Palmer.... our DBs played well despite this fact

    -Reeves is fantastic, its Dunta giving up the big plays looking like 08 Reeves, although I think the corners as a group played very well

    -Caldwell was bad in pass protection - Schaub was flushed from the pocket and had to throw the ball out of bounds a few times because of Caldwell

    -JACOBY IS A THREAT, 10 total TD's is very possible, after Andre, Jacoby is the best WR on this team at getting open deep, love this guy and his improvement, although Walter has been phased out it seems due to JJ's emergence

    -Chris White is just good enough, he won't be the goat of the line as he's always atleast solid but he won't dominate anyone. He had trouble with Sims in pass protection but definitely didn't struggle like Caldwell did

    -Chris Brown is effective! He carried the running game in the 2nd half and helped ice the game.

    -The tackles are terrific, they'll have a brain fart for one play and get beat both Winston and Brown but overall they had dominant games, love DB's blocking on screens especially

    -Mario needs a huge game, like next week.... he's been mysteriously MIA

    -Amobi didn't get a sack or much pressure in the game, but did anyone catch the announcers saying Bengals coaches say Amobi is one of the best interior rushers in the game?

    -The 50's are the most important part of this defense right now!! I'd be happy with 54 59 & 56 for the next decade

    -Kris Brown is in a total funk, his kicks are way too low and flat and do not have the lift to get over the 6'5" d-lineman with hands in the air jumping trying to block the kick

    -More MIA's = James Casey (solid special teamer though), Deljuan (appears to be last on the DT depth chart), Anthony Hill (haven't needed him all year/just not good enough/who knows?)

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