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Discussion in 'Mock Draft Talk' started by gs27, Mar 13, 2019.

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    Texans are saving money for some players, maybe Suh and Callahan.

    Sign Suh - Switch to base 4-3, should have a long time ago, Suh next to Watt would be nearly imposible to block.

    Sign Callahan - Best slot corner in NFL. They swung and missed last year with Colvin and are stuck with his contract for one more year but doesn't mean there isn't massive need for improvement here.

    Sign Fleming - Cowboys got Fleming as their swing for peanuts on a one year deal. Lets go steal him, better than all of Texans current options and at worst a great swing.


    1 - Dalton Risner - Best lineman in college football over last couple years. Teams over thinking him, he has all pro talent at any position on the line

    2 - Julian Love - Need to restock the corner pantry. One of the safest corners to be an average starter.

    2 - Taylor Rapp - Hit a home run with Reid last year, but after losing Mathieu the Texans need to find him a partner

    3 - Ben Burr Kirven - Tackling machine and good in coverage. Tested well. Play Kirven behind Clowney and Cunningham behind Watt with McKinney in the middle.

    5 - Mitch Hyatt - Hyatt and Risner were the best in college over last two years, would love to land both of them.

    6 - Alex Barnes - Need a power running back if Foreman doesn't come back to form. Barnes getting no love

    7 - Trace McSorley - Potential backup that could keep playbook similar to Watson. Worst case they turn him into a safety
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    I'd be willing to bring in Suh for a fair price. He didn't perform all that well last season. Not sure what he's expecting on the market right now.

    With his history I just don't think he's classy enough for the Texans organization though.
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    In short, Not Texan Worthy :toropalm:

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