Strength of this draft. OL?

Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by syberlan, Jan 26, 2006.

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    Is this a strong year for OL ? Helping the OL will most definitely be a point of emphasis this off-season. How many rounds into this draft will there still be linemen that are an improvement over our current players, in your opinion ?

    How about free agents? Do we have cap room to make moves for quality players ? If so, who is available to go after, and should we ?

    I appreciate your opinions.

    Go Texans.

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    I think that the draft is loaded with OT this year and they will carry over until the second round. Interior linemen are another ? though but they really won't start getting drafted until later rounds.
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    This is a very strong year for OL.

    Well, since we are to employ denvers zone blocking scheme, you never actually know what round we will find players in. I wouldnt doubt that most guys could start over most of our current group.

    The FA market for O-linemen is actually more stocked that usual. Two pro-bolw interior linemen are UFA. Huticheson from Seattle, and Bently from NO. Bently is more likely to come here. However, our new scheme will probally force us to look elsewhere, like as in 30+ year old FA linemen from Denver.

    Now, to the hard part at the top of the draft. Fergueson is head and shoulders above the competion right now. Winston is still showing signs of his injury and is being projected as a late first rounder. Jon Scott is average, but may actually fit our system pretty well. Fergueson fits our new system, along with our constant need for pass protection, perfectly. Colledge is having a good week, and is probally the second best OT for our scheme.

    The interior of the line, for our system at least, is more varied. Guys like Giles, Joseph, and Luiti are immediatly ruled out. Guys like settersom, mangold, and a few others are automaticly considered. However, there guys will not be taken early. This allows for us to address defense in the 2nd and MAYBE 3rd. Maybe even a TE in there also.
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    OT is really deep this year, the deepest ive seen since ive fallowe d the draft.

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