Still Struggling w/Draft?

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by NederlandTexan, May 8, 2006.

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    nice article,thanx.:poker:
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    Wow, great article. Makes me feel even better with the pick. When I was watching Reggie's highlight reel the first thing that came to mind on a lot of his plays in the backfield was, "there's no way he will be able to get away with that in the NFL." I think he will be good but a lot of the things he did, like running from one side of the field to the other while still in the backfield and still getting a huge run, are very unlikely possible in the NFL.
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    Alamo City
    Great Read!

    and you can add "Texans already had a descent back and their defense was terrible last year" arguement also.

    Thanks :mario:
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    Well yeah, add Mathis to that discussion as it relates to ST.

    I will also add that Bush never said enough nice things about the town and the team that he was supposed to be a lock to go to. Maybe that was a negotiating ploy, but if you are the first pick and the team you are going to has wheelbarrows full of money, you should kiss the rearend of the team that has the first pick, even if you think that you will be traded down. Most national interviews with him had none of that. His interview on the Jim Rome show talking about the Texans was like Luke meeting Warm.

    OK, so we are an expansion team that went 2-14 last year. It doesn't take much to fake enthusiasm about any town or team.

    "I've heard that ___________ is a great city, and the ______ have terrific faclilities, an offensive minded coach, and sold out stadiums. I cannot wait to get on the football field and be a key part of _________ winning the Superbowl. I am sure that the business people will work things out and I will get on the football field as fast as I can."

    Nothing is as whack as that Hugh Grant thing.
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    IMO there may be a lot to the theory that Reggie and his entourage of advisors,agents, lawyers, etc. failed to suck up to the Texans org in general and the owner in particular.
    Reggie always was adamant about his desire to be the #1 pick, but never
    expressed much interest, if any in playing in Houston. His presference among
    the top candidates to get the #1 pick thru trade was the Jets, but he could
    have done so much worse than Houston. And that's exactly what happened when he landed in NOLA.
    NOLA fans are crazy about him, but our fans would have loved him to. The
    thing is, NOLA was an impoverished city economically and socially and in rapid decline before Katrina hit last year, now its fortunes are going in the opposite
    directions of Houstons even more rapidly than before the hurricane hit last year. And he will be reminded of this every time he flies home to his native
    San Diego, since he will have to make connections thru Bush Intercontinental
    to get home.
    Bush's people should have spent some time studying scenarios about what would haven if, incredibly, he wasn't chosen #1 AND the pick wasn't traded by the Houstons, i.e. they were left on the Board by the Texans. Then they
    should have spent some time sucken up to McNair and his org instead of
    dissing them.
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    I couldn't agree more nunusguy. He got what he asked for, and what he deserves. Hey Reggie Bust have fun in NOL:redtowel: A.

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