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Discussion in 'The National Football League' started by Toro, Jan 23, 2007.

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    For those who haven't heard, Arizona hired Russ Grimm as their OLine Coach/Assitant Head Coach this afternoon.

    With that said, a pretty damned good Oline coach (Steve Loney) is now essentially a free agent.

    With Sherman bumped up to O-Coordinator, I think Loney would be the perfect hire for the Texans.

    I know some will make comments on how awful the Cardinal OLine this year was, however look at the numbers from the first half and the numbers from the second half..

    1st 7 Games

    The Cardinal QBs were sacked 28 times

    Last 9 Games

    Cardinal QBs were were sacked 9 times. Now granted, that probably can be attributed some to Matt Leinart's mobility, unlike Kurt Warner who was statuesque.. However, there was also a jump in Edgerrin James's production in the final 9 games of the season, from 2.9 YPG to over 4 YPG.

    I think he could be a great coach for this team, and would be ideal with this young Oline.

    Any thoughts?

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    ...well, it will definitely help if he has Bronco or Packer ties
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    Does he coach the zone, the texans with all their Oline woes also had a much improved line, we had games where Carr wasn't sacked once.

    He might be a good coach, but he might not fit here.

    Also I don't understand why everybody knocks Kubiak for hiring Green Bay/Denver staff, they come from the same tree and they all have the same philosphy..........its not like other new head coaches haven't been hiring staff they are comfortable with and had success happens all over the league. Especially when you look at the coaches he brought in to replace the coaches that we had here. Those coaches aren't even in the league, he was smart enough not to mess with the ones that were doing their job...........our ST and RB coaches.

    He has made improvements with every coach hire, has he not.

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