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Discussion in 'Mock Draft Talk' started by steelbtexan, Apr 3, 2010.

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    Rd.1 Ryan Mathews RB Fresno St. Feature RB, Perfect for ZBS

    Rd.2 Kareem Jackson CB Ala. Most NFL ready CB in this draft. Jackson learned under Saban, a former NFL DB coach. Best one on one CB in draft. IMHO

    Rd.3 Marshall Newhouse OG TCU Newhouse is big 325lbs and one of the most athletic OL in this draft. Perfect ZBS guy. $ yr starter at LT for TCU. former Texas HS state weight lifting champ.

    Rd.4 Jeff Owens DT Ga. Owens did the dirty work drawing double teams so others could shine. Strongest guy at combine. Great run stuffing DT that the Texans are lakcing. At 305 lbs he has the body to gain weight as his body matures.

    Rd.5 Lonyae Miller RB Fresno St. Mathews and Miller reunite, Miller is the perfect backup for Mathews. He is a big tough fast guy. Who would've started at most colleges. Miller has very few miles on him.

    Rd.6 Kade Weston DT Ga. Weston is a big 325lbs run stuffing DT. Weston and Owens reunite. Hopefully they can do as good of a job stopping the run in the NFL as they did at Ga.

    Rd.6 Nolan Carroll CB Maryland- Carroll is a big fast CB who can play FS. Carroll would've been drafted alot higher but he broke his leg last year. Carroll has great hands (former WR) and should be able to transition to FS. As well as cover the slot WR without the Texans defense having to change personel.

    Rd.7 J'Marcus Webb OT Texas A&M Kingsville- Webb has real talent, he was on his was to being a starting OT at UT before academics caught up to him. Webb has great feet for a big man. Webb is a developmental project but he's got the ability to be a starting OT in the NFL in a couple of years. He adds depth to the Texans OL and is worth taking a chance on at this point in the draft. IMHO

    Give me some feedback on this mock.

    I would've taken LaMarcus Coker in the 5th RD. But didn' do it because I dont think the Texans will take him. (character concerns)
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    Nice work dude!

    1) Great pick. You can't go wrong with Mathews. While I dont think he will be the all-star that some make him out to be, I think he will be a very capable runningback for a long time.

    2) I like it as well, but worry about his availability. He is a very good corner, and I could see a team taking him earlier. A more realistic possibility here is AOA.

    3) Money right here, nice pick.

    4) Heck yeah, nice pick. We are getting some more guys on this bandwagon.

    5) I like the idea of grabbing both Fresno State backs. They know each other already, they could probably room together. Nice grab. Odds are one of the two work out well.

    6) Your first swing and a miss, in my eyes. Weston did not stand out to me at all, and I dont see two DTs being drafted. I would look at another position (FS probably), or if you are bent on a tackle take a look at Maryland's Travis Ivey. Big guy with the physique of Mario Williams.

    6) Double dipping on CBs, I am not wild about it, but won't put up too much of a fuss. Being able to play special teams is paramount for these late round picks. Can he do that?

    7) I have no idea who this guy is, and that is saying something. There is a J'Marcus Webb from West Texas A&M that is pretty good, is that who you mean? If so, then yes, I could get behind the pick.
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    Thanks for the input.

    1. Hopefully Jackson is there. When I make mocks the guys I like seem to move up the board as the college seaso/offseason wears on.

    2. I will look at Ivey, dont know much about him. The Maryland S&C coach should get a NFL gig. IMHO 2 DT's need to be drafted to replace 40 yr old Z-Man and Okam.

    3. I look for big fast CB's that possibly convert to FS late in the draft. Atleast they should be good ST guys.

    4. Webb he's that guy. I remember him from his days as a UT recruit. He's got talent. I'm showing my age. West Texas A&M used to be called Texas A&I, then Txas A&M Kingsville and Now I guess it's called West Texas A&M.

    Anyway Webb had a real good game at the Texas vs the Nation all-star game. I also read that he looked great in the practices.
  4. The Pencil Neck

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    I would love it if it went down like this.

    The two things I doubt are:

    1. Initially, I doubted double dipping on the CBs after getting two last year. But if I conceptualize it as Carroll being a FS... I can convince myself of this.

    I've argued for them to pick 2 RBs this year, and I hope they do.

    2. "Reunited and it feels so good..." I just think the odds are against reuniting both RBs and DTs. It would make a great story (and McLain would write it over and over and over...) but I just don't imagine it happening.
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    Actually, Texas A&I became TAMU-Kingsville, while West Texas A&M is somewhere near Amarillo, I had a friend go there to play soccer cause he sucked and couldn't go anywhere else lol..

    but on to the draft, nice work and effort, I'd be fine with those results, especially the first three!
  6. Wolf6151

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    Ehhhhh on this mock.

    1. I don't like Mathews in the 1st round, he's a good player but his extensive injury history and the fact that he hasn't faced top level talent playing in the WAC makes me cautious. I think there's better value with Tate in the 2nd round. Tate played in the SEC, has no injury history, and I think he's a stronger runner, good pass catcher, and great blocker.

    2. I like this pick but would rather have Wilson in the 1st round. I think Wilson/Tate has greater value and makes more sense than Mathews/Jackson.

    3. I love this pick, he's got the athleticism to play the ZBS, plenty of strength and size, and just seems like a no brainer pick for the Texans, thus the reason that he'll never be chosen by Kubiak.

    4. I'm OK with this pick, DT is a definite need but I'd prefer Robert Johnson or Myron Lewis here. I think FS is a bigger need than DT but not by much.

    5. I don't like this pick, we don't need 2 RB's in this draft. We've already got so many young RB's on the team what's Miller going to provide that Slaton, Henry, Johnson, Foster, and Moats can't do. I'd have gone DT or O-line depth here.

    6. I like the Weston pick, he makes lazy Okam expendable and adds rotational depth and size for short yardage packages.

    6. I like the position picked, I know nothing about Carroll but Maryland always puts out some great athletes and he adds depth at a big time position of need. Low risk high reward pick, what have we got to lose.

    7. I like the position picked but again don't know anything about the player, some added depth at OT is a good thing though. Practice squad player that might develop.
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    Very nice Mock. Not familiar with your sixes. But the first five were perfect for me. Be some tough cuts in September with this group of prospects.

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