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Discussion in 'Mock Draft Talk' started by steelbtexan, Dec 2, 2010.

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    This Mock is keeping in mind how bad the back 7 are and the fact that the defense also doesn't have playmakers at the LB position. I'm going off the presumption that the Texans will be picking in the 10-15 range. I also want to switch to a 3-4 defense

    Rd1 Brandon Harris Miami- True cover CB,Has speed but also will help set the edge. I ike him better than any CB not named P.Peterson in this draft

    Rd2 Mark Herzlich B.C.- Would've been a top 10 pick before cancer. Still a very good instictive LB,who can play inside LB. His cancerous leg will be stronger next yr than it was this yr. Best work ethic in this draft.

    Rd3 Mark Barron Ala.- Playmaking SS who would be a major upgrade over Pollard in coverage. Just about as good a hitter as Pollard.

    Rd4 Will Hill Fla- top notch playmaker who has the speed that Wilson/Nolan are currently lacking. Play alot at Fla even though Fla.'secondary was loaded at the S position with Black and Wright at the S position. Hill is a better playmaker than Black or Wright IMHO

    Rd5 Dexter Larimore OSU- Is the rock of the Buckeye defense. Consistently draws double teams, is very strong. At 6'1 315 lbs Larimore is an unmovable fire hydrant. He's flying under the radar and would be a steal at this point in the draft.IMHO

    Rd6 Cecil Shorts Mt.Union- Small school guy with great speed and good hands. Shorts will be a better version of Jacoby Jones.

    Rd7 Adrian Taylor DT Okla- Taylor is injury prone Knee/ankle. But he impressed me with his work ethic coming back from a dislocated ankle (ouch) to play very well this yr. Before tearing an ACL. He may have to be put on injured reserve for a yr. But he has 1st rd talent and will be well worth the wait. IMHO
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    1. Brandon Harris-CB, I love this pick and think that he'll be a very good/great cover CB in the NFL.
    2. Mark Herzlich-LB, I agree with you about his attitude and work ethic but I think he falls in this draft. He'll probably be the most looked at/tested player in this draft but I think teams will want to minimize his risk. He can be had much later.
    3. Mark Barron-SS, he is Pollard v. 2.0 great hitter with limited coverage skill, definetly worth the risk if still available in the 3rd round.
    4. Will Hill-FS, I don't know much about him but I like the position pick and he can't help but improve our options at FS.
    5. Dexter Larimore- I don't know anything about him either but I assume by his size that he's a DT. We need help at DT so good pick, extra depth.
    6. Cecil Shorts- I don't know anything about him but extra depth at WR could give us leverage in dealing with JJ. Is he tall or short?
    7. Adrian Taylor-DT, 7th round low risk pick.

    Overall not bad, picks at the right positions though some players that I'm not familiar with. I wouldn't take Herzlich, way to much risk for a 2nd round pick, but other than that it's not bad.

    Is it just me or does anyone else think that the overall talent level of the 2011 draft leaves alot to be desired?
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    I'm very, very dissapointed with the Texans DT output. Is it scheme talent or playcalling? it looks like the blitz hurts them more than it helps, Mario just washes out past the pocket allowing Vick or any established NFL QB a simple step or two up in the pocket. Amobi has shown improvement in run defense & picking up garbage hits on QB's but they don't translate into sacks. Smith costs the Texans more than he helps with stupid penalties while the rotation of free agent to be Shaun Cody is merely serviceable, Earl is playing like a rookie & who is Damione Lewis?

    In this scheme with these coaches & the talent wasted already what point is there spending another 1st, 2nd or 3rd rd. pick on one. Might as well beef up the secondary, CB, FS another MLB & OLB. So 5th & 7th sounds fair to me, throw in a WR again in the 6th. more medoricity :kubepalm:

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