Speed, Power and strength = Mario

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by [[Gary Kubiak]], May 17, 2006.

  1. Mario simply has the size and build to be the next great DE to ever grace the NFL. Barring injury... he is so fast at his size. Sorry, but Bruce Smith and Reggie White never had this kind of speed. Were talking about Jason Taylor speed at 295. If he maxes at 310-315 with that kind of power and penetrating speed. O..M..G!!! We will never have to blitz ever again.....

    One more thing, EXPLOSIVE! :drool:

    When I saw him at the combine, I knew he was going to be our first pick. I can say this stuff, cause if you look back at my posts, I pimped this guy a loong time ago.

    I even put my hoe money on the line for him. Hahahahah!
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    He is a freak of nature. Man im hoping he turns out to be the hype that we were all presented with. fact is this, Mario better get at least 10 sacks his first year. Period.
    Anything less will be viewed as a dissapointment.

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