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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by GP, Mar 13, 2007.

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    The TV sports shows say "sources say" when really they are inventing it as fodder for their show.

    Quinn was in the spotlight on NFL Network, getting an interview and lots of generous publicity--Showed footage of him working out, etc.

    And low and behold, I believe it was that same day or very soon afterward that the "report" came out that Houston and Washington were locked into an agreement for a swap on draft day for Quinn/Carr.

    Result? Crickets chirping across the country....except on this board where it was Defcon 5 status over such news. We were the only place where the issue was tackled and debated and scoped out entirely. Now it's a non-issue. Most of us here are not even discussing it anymore. The aroma and allure of the story has faded.

    Now, switching gears to the next "rumor" that is wafting into our nasal passages....

    Oakland wants Carr and would allows us to move up to No. 1 so we can get Calvin Johnson and a whole bunch of other goodies along the way.

    That's quite a leap, isn't it, from where we started a few weeks ago with the Plummer talk and to present day where Oakland wants to grace us with the gift of all gifts?

    I mean, check it out: We wanted Garcia, according to the so-called sources, but he signs with Tampa Bay. We wanted Plummer, according to the so-called sources, but he gets traded to Tampa Bay and then sulks and retires. We wanted Ramsey, according to the so-called sources, but he signs with Denver. We wanted Quinn so much that we'd move up, according to the sources, but it's looking more and more like it's a non-story. We want Calvin Johnson, according to the sources, and there's a mega-deal in place involvng David Carr and several other pick swapping on draft day.

    And not one word by Texans officials pertaining to the most recent "sources say" reports. Just an eery silence, and a remark from Rick Smith about how we are NOT giving away draft picks...yet that's what "sources" are reporting us to be doing or aspiring to do. And remember, nobody took the Texans FO seriously when they said "We really are serious about signing Mario Williams, it's not a smoke-screen or some other tactic." When this team's FO says "This is what we're doing:_____________" then that's what we're doing.

    Our front office is not changing its mind every other day, going from Garcia to Plummer to Ramsey to Quinn to Calvin Johnson in a matter of a week or two. They have a plan, and they ain't sharing it. Period. Granted, they were mildly interested in a few veteran QBs...but nothing even remotely serious enough to warrant those veteran QBs giving us a second thought.

    Bottom line: The tv shows are making up a bunch of horse poo to try and see what they can stir up for either (a) material to have a show on, and/or (b) to see if they can create enough shockwaves with these "sources say" comments to get certain teams to elaborate or spill the beans on such a deal or on other topics pertaining to the direction they WOULD go with their draft picks--Heck, it's worked thus far: Rick Smith comes out and adamantly refutes the "sources say" reports by saying "We're not giving up draft picks; we're looking to GAIN picks."

    Heck, even getting a team to DENY one of those "sources say" reports is a victory for the tv shows--It creates drama, and drama captures viewers. How many of you are scanning the shows to see if you can dig out a nugget of "insider information" that you can report back to your fellow fans? Purt near every dang one of us is googling, yahoo'ing, and watching the shows to see if we can learn "new developments" in the latest draft coverage soap opera.

    You're watching the shows. I'm watching the shows. You're googling. I'm googling. And ratings and viewership data is getting reported to the tv execs and the advertising execs.

    And the Texans FO is operating in stealth the whole time. Laying low. Keeping quiet, in spite of the bait being offered them.

    You gotta' give the FO some credit: They are in "the zone" right now.

    One person on that staff could knowingly or unknowingly blow the whole thing with a tiny, innocent comment made in passing to a friend, a neighbor, the clerk at the store, or even a family member...or to a slimy reporter who promises not to tell. This is the time of year that it must be absolute paranoia in the FO.

    This is why the NFL is the best pro sports game around: The off season is like a great suspense movie.

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    Yeah you are right! I'm getting my popcorn ready.

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    Nice post Double one I have read in awhile.

    Go Texans!!! :elmo:
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    Problem is the "sources" can be anyone from the GM to a ball boy, one of 60 scouts the Texans have or a player. Those without any significant access to Kubiak and Smith will project what they want onto the vacuum of knowledge about Kubiak and Smith's real thoughts and tada come out with a projection of what they want.
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    And yet we still eat it up...every last bit.
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    I personally think a night janitor named Cletus is responsible for half of the 20-page Carr rumors du jour I read about on here. The entire and I do mean the entire country was wrong about us passing on a much more "sure thing" on draft day last year, they were wrong the year before that, and yet here on the MB we have a healthy 90% of the posters (not-so-coincidentally most of them "Carr haters" at this time) gobbling down every even less substantiated rumor like it's a done deal.

    I agree generally with gpshafer's post and I really can't wait for April 28 to get here. Then instead of reading Carr trade rumors, we can go back to the "Carr sucks/no he doesn't" threads. Because I've yet to see or hear credible information that says (a) Carr will be traded/cut, (b) we're seriously interested in Quinn--though my information is saying we'll consider him if he falls to us at 8, (c) we're trading up--never in a million years unless we get the dynamite deal of dynamite deals. Rick Smith wants additional picks because we are a thin football team right now, and if anything I see him pursuing a trade down.

    Adrian Peterson is our highest ranked prospect as of now and in the likely event that he does not fall to us we like Landry and again possibly even Quinn or most likely a tradedown if we can find the right deal.
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    I don't know GP.... most of these things, I think there is/was some truth in most of these things.

    It's no secret that Kubiak would love to have Plummer. But we've made it clear we wouldn't give up a pick to get him.

    Should be pretty clear that we were interested in Ramsey... he came to Houston for crying out loud.

    We were interested in Garcia last year, when we could have got him on the cheap... I'd be surprised if we would have gone after him after the season he had in Philly... but I wouldn't put it past them.

    Moving up to get Oakland's #1, I wouldn't give that any thought at all.

    But moving up to get Washington's pick, I can see that. I wouldn't do it, knowing that we'd get someone to drop to #8. Either Peterson, Quinn, or maybe Branch.... if nothing else, Landry would be there, and I don't see the point in moving up to get one or the other.

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