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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by TexaninKorea, Oct 11, 2004.

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    Aug 14, 2004
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    To start, I'm in the military, and I'm stuck in the hellhole that is South Korea. I can't believe all the negative threads I've seen about our Texans. I don't have the luxury of watching our team every Sunday on CBS. I have to pay just to listen to the Texans on the radio, and you know what? I'm proud of that. This isn't the team that lost 12 games their first season, and this sure as h3ll isn't the team that lost 11 games last year. I'm tired of getting online at midnight Texas time (cause there is a 14 hour difference here) and reading all the threads from the losers who want to bash Chris Palmer, or David Carr, or Charley Casserly, or Dominick Davis. If you really think that this isn't the best team we've fielded since Earl Campbell, you need to make your own website called Ican'! Take your negative attitude somewhere else. Today, you saw a team TOTALLY overmatched by a superior Vikings team come back from 21 points (might as well been 28) to send the game into overtime. I didn't get to see the Carr to Johnson superplays, I just heard it on radio and it sounded amazing to me. You fans who dog the Texans don't know how good we have it, just ask any Browns fan. Get behind your team. Stop dogging the coaches, cause if you were good enough to be the coach, you'd be there. And for the love of God, have a little optimism, cause for some of us, hoping our football team will win is all that connects us to home. This Texan team is just the start of something great in our town. Go Texans, go David Carr, go Dominick Davis, go Andre Johnson, go Jamie Sharper and go every other playmaker we've put on the field in our three amazing years as the best expansion team ever.

    *when I say "we've fielded" I mean Houston, not just the Texans.
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    Now that is a Trooper, Thanks dude for your service and thanks for your input. I like your attitude, You will go a long way with this team.

    Now Good Luck and keep your head down till you get back home. We expect to see you at a game or 10.
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    Oct 11, 2004
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    Onward, Upward, and back into the Trees
    great points, TexaninKorea! :thumbup

    The never-say-quit attitude of our Texans is what really gives us optimism and hope for the future. It seems that we are in the game regardless of score and opponent, and for that, we have to be happy.

    There will be a time in the not-to-distant future that we will WIN these close games, no doubt about it. We are seeing the character of our team these first three years, and as a long time Houston football fan, I see many great qualities that the Texans possess that we could never even think about with that other team.

    Don't give up hope! And thanks for your service to our great country.
  4. bckey

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    Apr 30, 2004
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    I also appreciate your service. I really don't think people on these BB's are dogging players or coaches as much as they are the play calling. It is losing games for us.
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    Over here.
    Rah, Rah, Rah! Well said. Everyone in the world is the perfect person for the specific job they have right at the moment. Nobody deserves better or worse than exactly what they have. Or is it just in our perfect country? I appreciate what you do, but give me a break. This is a message board for a sports team. You should expect to see criticism all over the place. The public has a right to voice their opinions.

    This is the best NFL franchise we've had in Houston. It is not the best NFL team we've had. The Oilers won playoff games in some years and this team has yet to have a winning season. That's understandable, but not where we want them to stay. Considering how close they came to beating 3 good teams in a row, I'd say that firing members of the coaching staff is too jerk kneed right now, but I do agree with some of the criticism. There are also certain players that aren't getting it done. There almost always will be. Sometimes the better player (at the time, anyway) will be sitting on the bench while a slumper or a has been is taking their place and stinking it up. The players and coaches don't have to read any of this and I really doubt that they do. I wouldn't. That, however, does not mean that all the criticism is wrong and some of it is almost inevitably right. With coaches in sports, in particular, I am not one of those who just buys into the idea that they are so much more correct in their decision making than the average person would be, just because they're the ones who are getting paid to do it at the moment. How superior to the public was Ryan when he insisted on running a prevent defense and blowing a 34 to 3 lead? I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but the boss is not always right. If you, at the present time, are better off always believing that the boss is always right, so be it. But, you're wrong.
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    Aug 17, 2004
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    Hey, I hope you guys know the appreciation that all of us have for you. Flags still fly on cars and ribbons are taped on bumpers and windshields every where you look. I do love your enthusiasm. HOWEVER, I spent three years in the Marine Corps to allow you, me and every one else the right to criticize or complain.

    Most is just frustration. Especially after seeing how different the outcome could have been. Unless the criticism turns into name calling or is degrading, it should be allowed. I also think most fans that "slam" any Houston team would be among the first to defend them against an outsider. Sort of a family situation, you know?

    My email is if you ever want to talk. I still remember mail call and how excited we got to just get a note saying we were remembered. The "low crawl" kept me out of a lot of trouble! Be safe. Be well.

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    Thanks for some perspective and thanks for your service!!!!! I'm a guilty party when comes to losing patience with some aspects of our team.(i.e. o-line, run defense, etc.)

    I can imagine how there are lots of things to appreciate here, especially when stationed half way across the world. Be careful and thanks again. :thumbup
  8. utahmark

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    Aug 20, 2004
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    exactly. i usually dont critisize the team however this week i was pretty frustrated with the 2cnd quarter start. but i am glad that there are others on this board who complain often. i would not keep coming back to read the post's if all i saw was "go team" and "we will get em next time". and i dont always believe these guys do a better job than anybody else could. most of these coach's are ex football player's. just a guess but football players are not the smartest people in the world. maybe they do make a mistake every now and then. and im glad we can come here and talk about it.

    ps. you will not find many fans more loyal than me.

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