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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by DontTreadOnMe, Sep 14, 2006.

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    Hey everyone,

    like most of ya'll, I watched the monday night games earlier this week. The san diego game really interested me because I wanted to watch/critique Shawne Merriman... I say this because I see a reasonable comparison between merriman and williams.. Just hear me out...

    Ok, starting with their size:
    Merriman_ 6-4 , 272 LB's
    Williams_ 6-7, 292

    Strength & Speed:
    Merriman_ 25 reps (225 LB's) , 4.66
    Williams_ 35 reps (225 LB's), 4.70

    The reason I am making this parallel is a rather simple one... I see two players that have a very similar style of play. Both are all about the bull rush, and both have the physicality to simply overpower blockers. During the chargers game, the announcers continually said.. "look at merriman, he's 272LBs, he's a beast, he cant be stopped....etc.." I see mario eventually developing into a similar overpowering, physical "bullrusher" as merriman, and if anybody saw the game, merriman was causing havoc left and right... the qb looked so concerned (rightfully so). the nfl will have to take this guy seriously, and teams will have to develop their game plan around him. Mario (barring injury) should develop into this type of rusher, after all, in merriman's first six games last season (as a 21 yr old rook) he had cumulative stats of 5 tackles, 1 sack, 1 FF... with the sack and FF on the 5th game. We have to be patient with mario, tune out all the unwarranted criticism, and hope for the best. I think Travis Johnson's quote in regards to mario sums it up best:
    "The game is going to slow down for Mario, and all of a sudden it's going to be like The Matrix," Texans defensive tackle Travis Johnson said. "You're going to see Mario looking like the Super Freak real soon. And everybody else will look like little drones compared to him."

    I hope Mario continues to work on his bullrush, because soon... he seriously will become that "super freak" we all have been waiting for...
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    It's good to see that Merriman did start out slow his 1st couple games. But by midseason, he does have to start showing improvement. That said, I really think he will. Let's wait at least until week 8.

    And Merriman was a great pickup for my fantasy league. :)
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    Remember the slow start he had in his last year in college? I think a similar thing will happen here.

    Also Freeney pretty much said the same thing too. To give the kid time to be the superstar he is supposed to be.
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    Merriman was also the 12th pick of the draft. A reasonable place to be picked.

    There were 3 running backs picked ahead of him and none on them had the talent or potential of Reggie.

    That being said if Mario has the same kind of impact as Merriman it will make the passing over of Bush a lot easier to swallow.
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    I have come to a conclusion after preseason and especially week 1

    Kube needs to put Mario on the DE where he is most powerful and a major threat. I am afraid that if he keeps moving him inside he is going to take steps backwards in comfortability and start playing with instincts instead of the book.

    Put him on the DE where he belongs and strives and let him force everything into the middle where the DT and the LBs can bunch it up and make plays.
  6. HOU-TEX

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    This is what Freeney had to say about that. I agree.

    (on Williams being moved around the defensive line) “I think that puts him at a disadvantage. I’ll come flat out and say that. If you want a guy to get better you have to have him do the same thing over and over and over. Think of it as a concrete layer, to become a good concrete layer you have to lay a lot of concrete. You have to do the same thing. If he does twenty different things, he’s going to be average. Sometimes he’ll be below average sometimes he might be a little bit better. If you’re not doing the same thing every single day it’s going to catch up to you. You’ll be a good utility player, but at the end of the day you have to be put in a position to excel.” Latest News
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    This is worth re-posting. As sent from an NC State fans on the comments section of my blog:

    "Mario did something that is really foreign to a lot of players today, he listened to his coaches. In his 3 years at NC State he played for 3 different DC's. All three required Mario to do different things, one was into zone blitzes and would pull Mario back into coverage. Nothing like watching a 6'7'' 300 lb DE stay stride for stride with with a WR or RB. One was into having his DE's hold the line and let the LB's do the damage, and this year Coach Dunlap let him loose in the last half of the season because the offense was so horrible that he needed his defense to create turnovers and sacks. NC State went 5-1 last six games and won a bowl game. In essence Mario did everything his coaches wanted without thinking of how it would affect his draft position or individual stats. Texans got one hell of a MAN and a great player."

    I know that some people have been questioning his heart or his motor, and personally I think those opinions should be left to cardiologist and mechanics unless something is absolutely 100% obvious.

    My personal point of view is that he is a rookie, a true junior coming out, playing a bunch of positions down the line. I would be more surprised if he killed immediately at those positions, than I would if he just experienced a learning curve.

    Keeping him at one position would be sweet, but who is going to play all those minutes in the middle? Thomas Johnson? Alfred Malone?
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    west TX
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    Reggie Bush will have to play as good as LT or better to prove he is worth $55+ million.

    That was the problem with Reggie, the price tag, as with any running back. NFL teams usually don't fork over the big coin for running backs, like they do for other positions.

    This is the reason why you don't want the #1 pick! It's too expensive!

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