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Discussion in 'The National Football League' started by baba ganoush, Dec 26, 2006.

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    can somebody tell me what free agents are going to be out there at each position and if you think the texans should try ad shoot for them...i would like us to get a OLB and a DB that could start for us in free agency, after we get those, thats when i want to see us pick up an offensive lineman...
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    We have 14.5 million befor they cut David Carr to sign their draft picks and free agents according to houstonprofootball talk. As reproted in a very fine bull pen posting by Infatrykac. The highest priorty among the serious board members is one corner back out of Asante Samuels & Nate Clemmens. Either one will not be cheap. Filling in with a CB/FS prospect via the draft. anything more than that..I dunno and I ain't in the message board fodder, i.e., Alice in wonder land stuff.
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    The Texans, if serious about winning, need to focus on either Clements or Samuels. I would also like Stienbach but doubt he actually hits the market. Briggs is overrated and will be overpaid and then underpreform. I just have a feeling. We can sign depth in FA all we want and hope it turns into situational starters all we want, but we need a clearly defined #1 CB. Daunta has proven not to be that, and when he was #2, had his best year. The real #1 CBs of the league dominate even when they have no help at #2. Daunta is a career #2 at this point.
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    yur order is in reverse, you want to address your lineman via free agency before corner or OLB because corner (like RB) is a young mans position, its a speed & reaction game & you need those quick young legs & reaction time, in a RB you want to avoid the damage, wear & tear that accumulates over time. the great ones will not be available via free agency lesser talent with the slower reaction time, speed & quickness (RB with extra mileage) will be.

    the lineman on the otherhand especially the offensive lineman can play for years, adjust technique to make up for injurys, wear & tear or just switch positions. most NFL teams use their cap space for the higher skilled positions & are less willing to pay linemen their just due, hence cutting them loose when big contracts are warrented.

    so you wind up overpaying for db's or other skilled positions via free agency. OLB's you should be able to draft in later rounds and develop over time. if you've failed to draft lineman & develop your own for years then this is the place to focus your cap space on :twocents:

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