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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by TexansSeminole, Jun 18, 2007.

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    Here is one of Brian Baldinger breaking down David Carr and Matt Schaub. I think he does a pretty good and accurate job of breaking some plays down. After he breaks it down and they go to Woodson and he starts talking, watch some of the horrible throws they show Carr making that end up in INTs.

    Here is one of Okoye at the Senior Bowl. Most of what you would say about this is pointed out by the editor GPSHAFER who I should give props too for providing both of these videos to YouTube.

    I am not sure if these have been posted I just figured I would post them now because I just got to see them today.

    Feel free to add to this thread with more Houston Texan video links.
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    thanks for the link, especially the okoye one. I havent watched it all yet but he seems like more then just "potential" to me. He was downright dominant against some good competition.

    it really gets me excited about our pass rush next year, although it would be hard not to improve upon last years....
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    Thanks. I love Mel Kiper talking about how Okoye might be a "one year player". He mentioned that Okoye was an ok player a couple of years back and now has moved up a number of notches. He forgets to mention that a couple of years ago Okoye was 17 and playing against people in their 20s.
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    Thank you I hadn't seen the first one. Good break down on Schaub.
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    It's nice to see the Texans getting so much attention for making a good move instead of bashing them for bone head draft moves and trades.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm no Carr supporter, but they did seem to cut the film a little skewed toward Schaub. They showed nothing but Carr throwing interceptions returned for touchdowns. Course then again, maybe that's all they could find. :tomato:
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    Yeah, I am not a big fan of tape breakdowns on NFLN, as they tend to evaluate tape that supports their position. To use Carr as an example, what if they had only used the 4-5 plays from last year where he threw down the middle of the field to OD and/or AJ? There were only 4-5 plays like that from him all of last year, but if they decided to break that down, they could have made things look different.

    What I want to see is film breakdown of several of the hundreds of "successful" 6-yd out route completions and see what was happening on the rest of the field. To me, seeing the routes Carr overlooked while completing a pass says more than evaluating the interceptions.
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    I agree, and even ESPN's NFL Matchup (which is much better) slants their film clips similarly. But, these programs have a limited amount of time to push their opinions. Take it for what you can get out of it.

    Having said that, I thought the analysts made good points. Lombardi asserted that teams need to throw the ball to score, run the ball to hold the lead. Woodson states that Ahman Green could give the Texans the boost in their running game to take pressure off the passing game. And they're both right.

    The bootleg was taken away from the Texans when defenses sent DE's up the field, and not support the run. A back who is more of a threat to make a big play on backside cut could take away that option for defenses. Schaub isn't necessarily a big time runner from the QB spot, but he looks athletic enough to make plays out of the pocket. But, he can't do that unless the running game, with Green, can force the defense to play honest.
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    your lady's sexdreams.
    they are just trying to make us feel good about the schaub trade.

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