Some random observations on today's game...

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by drewmar74, Dec 6, 2009.

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    • So, the goal line stand in the first quarter - haven't seen many of those EVER from this team. To see them stuff MJD was nice. Great hustle by the LB's and the D-line not getting pushed around. Very encouraging.
    • Someone already started a thread on the "Let's see if we can get a spark by playing Sexy Rexy over Schaub" thing, but I gotta say - if you had any inclination to want to see this, I'm guessing that its gone now. I hope so, anyway.
    • I've seen stadiums with more people in them for high school JV games. In the rain. That was a weak turnout. And it kills me because Jax is right in the middle of the playoff hunt..... I don't get it.
    • The more I see Ryan Moats, the more I like him. He's an effort guy. Not the most gifted RB out there and he'll never have what it takes to be "the guy." But he plays hard and makes the most of what he's given.
    • Flip side of that coin - Chris Brown looks done. Put him out to pasture now please and lets see if we have anything with Arian Foster. It's not like we're relevant in the playoff hunt.
    • Holy crap - Kubiak won a challenge.

    Other than that, same old crap, different weekend. With a few exceptions, we looked flat and uninspired. I expected an L so I wasn't surprised or disappointed, really. Just watching the boys play out the string....

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    You nailed it. I was surprised, once in the stadium that the fans who were there were like our Bull Pen fans. Very much loud drunk and into the game, standing the whole time. Even though there were only 40k in the stands it got LOUD on our 3rd down plays. I thought for sure I was going to get into a fight. I had already briefed the wife to go the the bathroom, remove her jersey and bail me out of jail. I consider myself a classy fan but will never accept a beer being thrown on me by a three toothed hillbilly. Had Matt not went doen for the first half, it was our game.
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    Uh, yeah. Why? I'd rather watch something else. And y'all have fun talking about pink soap. I'll pass.

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