So what's gonna happen to the confidence of our O-Line now?

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by ensign_lee, May 1, 2006.

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    So I was thinking last night, that we should have a fairly good defensive line (here's hoping *fingers crossed) with a LOT of depth on it, so though injuries would hurt, they wouldn't cripple us like they have the last few years.

    On "normal" downs, we'd have Mario, TJ, Smith/Payne, Weaver or (if Babin ends up being a good defensive end), Mario, TJ, Weaver, Babin (I'm assuming if Babing starts ripping it up, we'll just have to eat Payne and Smith's cap hits, maybe keep the cheaper option as rotation fodder).

    That looks like a pretty damn scary line for an offensive line to face, at least to a Texans fan. But our offensive line will be going up against these guys every practice. Now, I've never played on either side of the line, so I could be wrong, but will this impact the confidence of our defensive line if they can't consistently protect David Carr against OUR defensive line? I mean, look at Chicago: their defensive line is a freaking monster, but their QBs never seem to come out quite right.

    Just a thought. Previous linemen: please chime in. and GO TEXANS!!!:yahoo:

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