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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by aquafin, Mar 24, 2007.

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    OK, you guys finally have a franchise QB, or atleast you do if Schaub can live up to his potential. That remains to be seen. I've always thought highly of him and wanted him to land in Miami. Congrats to the Texans for getting it done! I also think you have a solid backup in Rosenfels. You guys should be OK at QB.

    You also have a decent running back in Green. He's a solid veretran that should be good for 1,100 yards as a featured back.

    Also, what if Mario has a very solid sophmore season,and proves that he warranted a 1st overall pick in the draft?

    Finally, perhaps you guys will pull in a couple of solid draft picks next month. You guys are picking at number 10. That's a solid position, and perhaps it will be huge for you guys.

    My question for you guys is many games should you guys expect to win this year. This is Kubiak's 2nd season, so he should expect at least 8 wins to consider him to be on track for rebuilding the Texans into a championship or playoff level franchise.

    I personally think you guys can win 8-10 games next year. The playoffs are not completely out of the question.

    Hey, we signed your tight end. What can you tell me about this guy? Is he a blocking type, or is he going to be a good target for our QB's?
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    Which Tight End?? Putzier??

    Thanks for all the good words, and optomism about our team.

    I agree with your assessment of our QB situation. I do believe Mario will have a great(not solid but great) season. I'm happy picking tenth, and I have no problem using this years second on Schaub. If he lives up to the "ProBowl Pedigree" many thinks he has, I won't have a problem with using next years second on him either.

    It's way too early to start predicting how many wins we'll have next year. If we bring back next years starters, plus Schaub, plus Green... I'm sure we'll have more than 6 wins.

    But I'll need to see our schedule before I can put a better number on that.

    I know we'll play you, Oakland, & Cleveland again, no offense, but I'm marking those as wins...
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    TK where have you been ?

    What do you think about Schaub ?

    Who would you draft ?
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    I just looked him up. He's Aaron Halterman and I don't think that he ever played a down for the Texans. I'd expect him to be a longshot to even make the Dolphins.

    I agree with your assessment about the Texans. If I had to put money on it, I'd bet 8-8 regardless of who was playing QB. Since we've upgraded, I think that it depends more on how quick the team can develop some chemistry if we can break .500.

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