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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by gsus8091, Feb 8, 2007.

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    Hey, I have a good idea. Lets trade all of our draft picks for the next decade to the Titans to get Vince Young? Lets do that. Because in all honesty thats what we all want. Right? Right? I mean lets be honest thats what this all about.

    Who cares what the record is, who cares what RB we have or that the d-line is so damn bad that they make the St. Louis Rams look like Pro Bowlers, I mean who cares that the Texans are relying on a 3rd round ROOKIE to be the savior at OLT. Or that the Texans have the most worthless safeties this game has ever seen. What about the OLBs? I mean who cares that Ryans is the best LB in his first year, or that Anthony Weaver was a tremendous and utter bust of a FA. Do you really believe M. Greenwood feels like he put in a hard days work when he leaves Texans camp? Really? Or that the WR corp is at best pedestrian. Do you really believe anyone other than Johnson belongs in the NFL? And what the hell is Bruenner still being paid for???!!!!

    But really, who cares, just as long as OUR HOME TOWN boy is playing in the navy and red. Right? I bet you all right now, that when the Titans throw away Vince Young like they did McNair 10 or 12 years from now, you same people will be on this web site complaining and whining that the Texans should do what ever it takes to get him.

    This is nonsense. We should not be worring about Carr, we should be worring about drafting Peterson or Branch or just maybe pulling off a huge draft day trade and getting C. Johnson or J. Thomas. We should be talking about and making sure the front office hears us, that we want some legit FA's. Dielman, Steinbach, Freeney, Briggs, June, Curtis, Clements, Samuel, Lewis, anybody with a recognizable name who is young. Carr isn't the end all be all to the Texans problems. And if you truely believe that some how with him leaving that a guy like SAGE can really be a NFLer your nuts. Do you people know that there are Bears fans that actually would want Carr? If you don't believe me put up a post at,, etc. I'm dead serious and I'm not being sarcastic, the Texans problems are bigger than David Carr. A lot bigger, and if the Texans want to rise from the ashes of expansion team wastland, they need to start off by making some serious noise in the FA market and by drafting a legit player, JUST LIKE LAST YEAR, and players the team can build around.

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