Shoulda Picked "D" brick

Discussion in 'The National Football League' started by ExistentialistMZ, Jun 20, 2006.

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    The thing that amazes me more and more is that people are bashing passing up reggie bush and Vince Young.

    The facts are quite simple. You draft for need. Not talent.

    Texans have a good QB, two good WR's, a great RB, a good FB. Two good TE's. And maybe as many as three or four good TE's.

    Drafting Putzier was smart because it helps beef up the line. While some additions were made to the o-line. The fact is guys like D-Brick and Nick Mangold woulda made the best choices.

    Mario Williams is no doubt a good pick. He has the moves of Kearse. But he's younger and stronger. And that is dangerous.

    But lets face it. The defense is pretty good already. The problem is, as we saw in philly, if your offense can't stay on the field than your D will be torn down.

    A better O-line would have creating more time for the pass and better rushing lanes for Davis.

    The fact is that RB and QB's rarely work out in the NFL. But the top lineman usually are at least quality starters.

    Plus lineman can step right in and play.

    The question i pose to you people is, are you happy with the offensive line you have? Facing in week one, Howard, Kearse, Bunlkey, Cole, Patterson, Walker, and Run stopping trotter. Plus a team that loves to send people like Brian Dawkins to blitz.

    I think that if the o-line stands up to them. Than the Texans are going to have a great year. But i think more likely they will lose the game because of that weakness and the strength of the Eagles defense.And i think that mentally will impact the team badly.

    so what do you think? is the o-line better, was williams the best choice, and can they take the eagles revamped d-line?
  2. real

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    I think your good and great should be switched...

    That statement is so whacked im not even gonna touch it...wait yeah i will...We didn't draft putzier, we signed him, and he's a tight end...that being said...what four tightends were you refferring to...

    I think our defense was actually ranked lower than our offense last season if im not mistaken...

    Ever heard of Mike Williams From Texas ? Why do you say running back a QB barely work out? They may get more attention when they bust, but lineman bust too...
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    I'm trying to figure out if he just took everything that makes sense and flipped it backwards. I think truroyalty did a pretty good job of addressing all your "points" though.
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    The D was horrible last year. Worse than the offense. It was obvious we needed some pressure on the QB. I think we have OL that are capable of being good under the right circumstances and hopefully the additions of Gary Kubiak and Mike Sherman will solve those problems. Also, D'Brick was definately worth the #1 pick.
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    We got a 1st round quality OT in Eric Winston at the #66 pick (I prefered him to D'Brick anyways) and Charles Spencer should end up being a very solid OT too, so yes I'm happy with our OLine for now. I would have liked to get an interior OLineman somewhere in there, but we're ok for now, and drafting Mario Williams was definitely the best choice. He's the most rare type of freakish athlete available in the draft and we really needed an improved pass rush for our new defense, and D'Brickashaw absolutely was not worth the 1st pick in the draft and we apparently couldn't get a decent trade down offer. Our OLine will be much improved with our new system and coaching, and while Kearse, Darren Howard, Brodrick Bunkley (I would have loved to somehow get him in the draft too), and Darwin Walker are a pretty daunting task for our OLine the first game, but it should give us a good gauge of how good our line will really be and point out to our coaches which guys may not be able to hack it (I'm guessing if Wand is somehow still starting by week 1 I'm predicting that he won't be starting much longer after that).
  6. Bullpen Drew

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    May 25, 2005
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    Shoulda woulda coulda!

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    Well said and I concur!
  8. Hutch13

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    wow sooo many mistakes please post a thread with correct info
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    Wow. A lot of factual errors.

    1. Which "good TEs" do we have before the draft? BJ? Putzier, no cant be because...

    2. We did not draft putzier, we signed him. He is a mutliyear vet

    3. Nick Mangold? he wasnt on the board when we selected. He was a Jet. Besides we got possibly the steal fo the draft in our second rounder

    4. The defense is pretty good? Were we watchign the same team last year? Did we both see a defense give up so many late 4th quarter leads? Did we both see a Defense that couldnt put pressure on the Qb, couldnt cover the ball, and played matador style?

    5. "The fact is that RB and QB's rarely work out in the NFL". WHAT? how can a QB and RB rarley work out. How exactly is your team gonna do anything if you have no QB and no RB? Do you mean "first round" Qbs or RBS?

    6. Linman can start right away:actually stud running backs can step in right away. Look at Alex barron, need I say more?

    7. I am waitign to see what O-line we have. I am high on Eric Winston and Spencer and I think Flannigan will be a big help(and can help tutor Hog). So i am excitied to see this new line.
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    IMO with the 1st overall pick you draft the most talented guy. Mario may not have been the most talented guy in the draft, but he was a top 5 pick as far as talent goes IMO, maybe a top 3, and he also filled a need.

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    Just take the damn compliment
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    Onward, Upward, and back into the Trees
    My thoughts exactly.

    "The facts are quite simple" and "The defense is pretty good already" are creating a rift in the space/time continuum that threatens to suck our reality into a vortex of unknown dimensions.

    I sincerely hope he takes those statements back soon (or at least one of them), because together, in the same thread, is threatening the very existence of humanity. :hide:
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    I don't think he's going to post in this thread again...

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