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    ..........exhibit sufficient maturity concerns to pass on, despite perceived "potential?" Maturity, even after senior years, are in many cases apparent. This is classically encouraged by the typical coddling, "shortcut" allowances, especially in academics, and entitlements associated with college players.

    For example, of the 14 quarterbacks drafted in the first round in the previous five years, only five were juniors and three of those juniors (JaMarcus Russell, Vince Young and Alex Smith), have been major disappointments. Russell and Young, especially, have demonstrated a lack of maturity at the NFL level.
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    The QB position in the NFL is a position that takes a lot of time and experience to learn. Normally, rookie QB's that succeed are very intelligent and can quickly learn offensive schemes and defensive alignments.

    IMO, any QB taken in the draft should sit for at least a year in order to learn and get the experience needed to succeed as an NFL QB. The 3 QB's mentioned above were thrown to the wolves too early.

    My .02

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