Shame on Me!

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by WhyIsItAlwaysNextYear, Oct 29, 2006.

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    Shame on me as a Texans Fan!

    Born in raise in Houston I was an Oilers season ticket holder from 1977 all the way up until good ol’ Uncle Bud took his ball and went to Nashville leaving me and my fellows Houstonian without an NFL team and holding a tax bill for renovations we made on the Astrodome for our beloved Oilers. IN HOC Bud you S_B!

    Shame on me for being so excited I could cry when it was announced we would get the NFL’s newest expansion franchise and not the owner’s beloved LA market. So thrilled that I signed up online to purchase 6 PSL’s on Thanksgiving when the first went on sale. So excited I attended the pep rally to announce the name of the new franchise, hell I still have the shirt tags and all from the rally. It’s the first Texans shirt I ever purchased.

    I guess I drink the Texans Kool-aid, I have been to all of the preseason games, hell they bill be for them why not go, I attend all of the games so happy to have football back in Houston that even the losing I have to watch., staying till the end because the NFL in back in Houston.

    Shame on me for buying into the hiring of Charlie Casserly and Dom Capers and sticking buy them as they made decisions that most of us could not understand, telling us that we don’t want any players over the age of thirty because they may not be around in the future. Failing to realize that veteran leadership is imperative in teaching young players not only how to win, but just as important how to deal with losing.

    Shame on me for believing with the hiring of Gary Kubiak who had played QB in the NFL, coached two of the best QB’s ever in Steve Young and John Elway we would have a coach who could turn Carr around. Believing we didn’t need another back because Dominic Davis was going to thrive in our zone blocking system.

    Shame on me for believing that the joke of an offensive system Dom Capers and his cast of offensive wizards could have been what were holding Carr back, the constant changing of lineman, schemes, coaches and philosophy.

    Shame on me for watching the changes Kubiak made; watching Carr complete passes with regularity; believing things were headed in the right direction. The same short passes that last year were often off target last year due to pressure or were the only option, this year found their mark. These passes along with play action were helping provide time for Carr and opening up the down field pass to Johnson and allowing us to work on our still week running game.

    Shame on me for taking each loss in stride, it hurt like hell but I would watch the games I had on DVR and see the positives and convince myself I could see the team improving.

    Shame on me for falling into the trap, watching the Texans put a hell of a game together against the Jaguars, doing all of the things it takes to win, believing this team I had watched struggle with each failed change of players, draft and coaches was turning the corner.

    Shame on me for thinking all of the so called experts and betting line gurus were just giving credit for being the home team, or maybe they were to busy wit the drama in Dallas to have seen the turn around the Texans have made. What do they know I have been watching this team make improvements every week and I know they can beat the Titans.

    Shame on me the Texans came out and made almost every mistake a team can make, Carr looked like he had never help a football under pressure, Andre Johnson dropped balls that the leading receiver in the league and all pro should not drop. Our special team’s gives up a punt return to a low life thug, and we even had an extra point blocked.

    So here I sit, reading the message boards, what about Carr, our defense, special teams, next years draft? Is Sage going to start? Should he start? Do we need a back with break away speed? Why can’t our defensive backs cover consistently?

    Well, Shame on me because I still believe?

    I think Kubiak wants to win in the worst way, I think sitting Carr took huge B*lls, you don’t see coaches sitting their starting QB in NFL unless they are injured. I believe that not only shocked Carr but probably the entire team! Coaches always saw they will put the best players on the field and today Kubiak did just that. Sure next week he will start Carr again, but I believe Kubiak thinks that is his best option to win. I believe the sitting of Carr will make him realize this is it, it’s for real, stop the turnovers or he will be watching from the sidelines. I believe our draft class is doing a great job, Ryan’s, Lundy, Daniels, Williams, these guys are seven games into their rookie season and doing a great job for rookies!

    So shame on me! It’s why I love this game, this city and its people! Its why when it all does turn around when we do finally kick the door in just like Bum Phillips said it will feel great! I will celebrate long and loud, I will scream and yell and probably throw things, because I love this game, this team and this city!

    I am a Texan!
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    3rd Coast
    Sage For Qb!!
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    here here..and sage isnt the answer guys

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    I know exactly how you feel.

    And, why is it always next year?
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    We're not good at team, but don't worry - the NFL will feed fans of bad teams just enough to keep the you coming back.
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    Simply put, a fantastic post.

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