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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by texanGoon22, Aug 20, 2006.

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    I'm a Texan fan living in Philly, and I was just wondering how Seth Wand looked on Saturday. Also I'll be making my first visit to Reliant Stadium for the game against the Eagles, and I hope we win so I can let all these eagles fans have it.
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    Spencer looks to be years ahead of Wand in pass blocking. Wand has looked good run-blocking as usual. I think the odds are in Spencer's favor right for the starting job. It's coming down to Salaam and Wand for the last OT spot.
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    I will be wtaching the game again this morning, but Wand was noticably better against the Rams than Spencer upon first glance. One preseason game does not tell the whole picture, but after watching Wand I have no problem with him in the starting lineup.
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    I don't beleive Seth played much at all Saturday. He played some in the second quarter.... I'm not sure about the rest of the game. But I definitely don't see Spencer as an upgrade....... not now.

    I personally wouldn't start him over Wand....... if Kubiak does start him against Philly, then I've got to reconsider how I judge OL play..... I've admitted before, I don't know what to look at.... or what to expect. But alot of the stuff we're hearing about Spencer(mean streak, driving the other guy into the ground) I'm just not seeing. He's missing cut blocks, and he gives up just as much ground as Wand, and he's always laying on the ground for one reason or another.
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    Wand played about half the game against the Rams.

    Spencer started and went the first two drives. Wand came in at 6:44 of the first quarter and they more or less alternated series after that. Wand started the third quarter, Spencer finished the third and started the fourth. Wand came back in mid-fourth.

    Spencer struggled a bit according to Kubiak. You can see what he's talking about when you marry up his post game comments with the video -- coming off the ball late, missing a block or two -- he also had a critical false start early but they still love Spencer's upside and so do I. He will be the eventual starter out there but probably not on opening day. Too much for a rookie to ask to go against Andy Reid's front seven. They'll work him in as the season progresses.

    Seth played well from what I could see --- the absence of mention after the game probably meant he did ok - not great but not bad either.

    If you want to see two really good blocks by Wand on consecutive plays, go back and watch these two: (1st quarter)

    2-7-HST 41 (5:36) 8-D.Carr pass short left to 89-J.Putzier to SL 39 for 20 yards (93-B.Green).

    1-10-SL 39 (4:48) 33-W.Lundy left tackle to SL 18 for 21 yards (51-W.Witherspoon).

    That's 41 yards on back to back plays that Wand played a big role.
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